Catholic Diocese of Dallas

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Office of Worship

The Office of Worship serves the pastors and parishes of the Diocese of Dallas, in support of the diocesan Bishop in his role as “the chief steward of the mysteries of God and the overseer, promoter, and guardian of all liturgical life in the particular Church entrusted to his care.”1 This office assists in shaping liturgical and pastoral practices, sacramental life, and in formation of liturgical ministers. 

The Office of Worship is fully responsible for the preparation, support, and implementation of the RCIA process throughout the Diocese. We embrace the diverse cultures of the Diocese, with emphasis on providing appropriate resources.

In addition, the Office of Worship is available to consult and assist in all aspects of planning and implementing worthy liturgical celebrations, and for clergy resource and formation. This Office prepares and coordinates episcopal liturgies and plays a vital role in contributing to the Dallas Ministry Conference. 

1 Decree on the Pastoral Office of Bishops, n. 15.



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Office of Worship Contacts


Dr. Patricia Hughes, D.Min
Worship Office

Director of Worship
(214) 379-2879

Sylvia M. Garcia, MPM
Worship Office

Associate Director of Worship
(214) 379-2874 (Spanish also)

Elizabeth Cunningham
Worship Office

Administrative Assistant to the Office of Worship