Letter from Bishop Burns

Office of the Bishop

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

 These have been very difficult days within the Church and the Diocese of Dallas. In October, the Diocese held a special Ceremony of Sorrow, a prayer service to express shame and deep remorse over the egregious sexual misconduct committed by some within the Church. Since that time, I have continued to pray for guidance, met personally with victims of abuse, held public listening sessions, worked with our Diocesan Review Board and our Victims Assistance Coordinator, and taken other steps to begin what I believe can be a process of healing and repentance.

Today, I am following through on a commitment I made in October to provide the names of those priests who have been the subject of a credible allegation of sexual abuse of a minor in the Diocese during the period from 1950 to the present. A “credible allegation” is one that, after review of reasonably available, relevant information in consultation with the Diocesan Review Board or other professionals, there is reason to believe is true.

The process to compile this list began with an outside group of former state and federal law enforcement officers that reviewed the files of the 2,424 priests who have served in this diocese since 1950. Those investigators identified files which contained credible allegations of the sexual abuse of minors. The Diocesan Review Board, which includes local experts in law enforcement, clinical psychology, law, and medicine, then reviewed those allegations. The list of names I have provided you reflects the recommendations of our Diocesan Review Board, and I am grateful for their diligence, integrity, and expertise.  To view the list and get more information please visit

Although I have also provided this list of names to law enforcement, inclusion on this list does not indicate that a priest is guilty of, has been convicted of, or has admitted to the alleged abuse.

As we look back at the Church’s history, our failure to protect our most vulnerable from abuse, and hold accountable those who preyed on them, fills me with both sorrow and shame. But the painful yet necessary process that began in 2002 in this Diocese has also led to much-needed reforms that we continue to rigorously implement today.  Going forward, we must remain vigilant.

I pledge to you that we will do our best to do what is right.

While we have gone to great lengths to ensure that this list is exhaustive, we know there could be more victims who have not reported their abuse. I encourage them to come forward and report to law enforcement, or by calling the Texas Abuse Hotline at 1-800-252-5400. Please also contact Victims Assistance Coordinator, Brenda Martinez, at 214-379-2812 or . The Church continues to offer our prayers and support to the victims, survivors, and their families for the suffering they have endured. 

As I look to the future, I am encouraged that an overwhelming majority of the priests in this Diocese are, and have been, good and holy men, and I remain thankful for their witness. As well as the wonderful men who are in our seminaries – let us pray for these men.

To those of you who have experienced family or friends who have walked away from the faith because of this scandal in the Church, please remind them that we must never separate ourselves from Jesus because of Judas.  As your shepherd, I pray that you stay strong in the faith and continue to grow in your relationship of our Lord, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  We pray through the intercession of Our Lady of Guadalupe that God our Father will guide us through these difficult days.

Thank you for your time and may God bless you and your loved ones. 

Eternally yours in Christ, 

Most Reverend Edward J. Burns
Bishop of Dallas

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July 22, 2022 - In January of 2019, the Diocese of Dallas released a List of All Priests with Credible Allegations of Sexual Abuse of Minors since 1950. The list was updated in June of 2019 and is being updated again today, adding four names of non-diocesan, Jesuit order priests. Those names are:

  • Donald Dickerson, SJ - Deceased 2018
  • Thomas J. Naughton, SJ - Deceased 2012
    Note: NOT Bro. Thomas Naughton of the former Missouri Province
  • Vincent Orlando, SJ - Removed from ministry and lives under supervision 2002
  • Norman J. Rogge, SJ - Deceased 2009


List of Priests

Click name for details

Incardinated in Diocese of Dallas

Name Status Diocese of Incardination /
Religious Order
Matthew Bagert Laicized Diocese of Dallas
Richard Brown Laicized Diocese of Dallas
Alejandro Buitrago Retired with faculties suspended Diocese of Dallas
Robert Crisp Retired with faculties suspended Diocese of Dallas
Paul Detzel Laicized Diocese of Dallas
John Duesman Deceased Diocese of Dallas
James Fitzpatrick Deceased Diocese of Dallas
Michael Flanagan Deceased Diocese of Dallas
Timothy Heines Laicized Diocese of Dallas
William Hoover Deceased Diocese of Dallas
(1969 - Diocese of Fort Worth)
William Hughes Laicized Diocese of Dallas
Richard Johnson Deceased Diocese of Dallas
Rudy Kos Laicized
Diocese of Dallas
William Lane Deceased Archdiocese of Port of Spain (Trinidad - 1933)
Diocese of Dallas (1958)
Justin Lucio Deceased Diocese of Dallas
Patrick Lynch Deceased Diocese of Dallas
Henry McGill Deceased Diocese of Mobile (1941)
Diocese of Dallas (1954)
Jeremy Myers Suspended Order of St. Benedict (1984) Diocese of Dallas (1996)
Edmundo Paredes Suspended Diocese of Dallas
Robert Peebles Laicized
Diocese of Dallas
James Reilly Deceased Diocese of Dallas
Diocese of Fort Worth (1969)
Kenneth Roberts Deceased Diocese of Dallas
Jose Saldana Deceased Diocese of Dallas
Raymond (John) Scott Deceased Diocese of Dallas
Name Status Diocese of Incardination /
Religious Order
Michael Barone Retired Diocese of Tyler
Peter Barusseau Believed to be deceased Diocese of Ajaccio
Thomas Behnke Deceased Order of Discalced Carmelites
Donald Dickerson Deceased Society of Jesus (the Jesuits)
Gabriel Hentrich Deceased Order of Discalced Carmelites
Patrick Koch Deceased Society of Jesus (the Jesuits)
Vincent Malatesta Unknown Society of Jesus (the Jesuits)
Thomas J. Naughton
Note: NOT Bro. Thomas Naughton of the former Missouri Province
Deceased Society of Jesus (the Jesuits)
Anthony Nwaogu Unknown Diocese of Umuahia, Nigeria
Vincent Orlando Removed from ministry and lives under supervision Society of Jesus (the Jesuits)
Norman Rogge Deceased Society of Jesus (the Jesuits)
Benjamin Smylie Deceased Society of Jesus (the Jesuits)


While the Diocese has endeavored to make a complete and accurate disclosure, the information on this page is subject to change as additional information is received.