Catholic Diocese of Dallas

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Safe Environment Annual Training Update - What Can We Do About Child Abuse?

Some parishes may permit employees and/or volunteers who have already been screened and cleared to “update” their training by completing this online training course. Check with your parish first to make sure this training is acceptable for this purpose.

The video presents factual information on the Texas statutes regarding child abuse, the four main types of abuse, and reporting requirements. It  also contains several dramatic illustrations of abuse and shows the right way and the wrong way to respond.

You will need about 30 minutes to complete this training. Please read the following instructions carefully and make sure you complete all steps.

1. Please click here. This link connects you directly to the website of the Texas Attorney General and
    to a “streaming video” that lasts approximately 22 minutes. The video is entitled “What Can We Do
    About Child Abuse?” 

2. Complete the attached (1) self-test and (2) training certificate. Be sure to answer all questions, print,
    and sign your name legibly or you may not receive credit.

Please click here for test and form. Send to your parish Safety Officer.