A few weeks ago, a handful of young adults gathered around a table to hear a story, a need, a calling. We learned, we laughed, we cried, we asked questions. This weekend, we’re hosting a housewarming party for our newly resettled refugee brothers and sisters to prepare some of the furnishings of their new apartments. 

Today, we need your support to make this dream a sustainable reality. We created this event fully trusting that God will provide the means to accomplish His work, and now we entrust the effort to you, Church of Dallas and beyond! With a multitude of small gifts, given with great love, we can accomplish much!  Pray for our outreach as it grows in its infancy, and if this call stirs within you a desire to serve, give to our cause.

Your gift has real impact on the lives of refugees:

$150 will purchase a dining set

$50 will purchase a small dresser or chest of drawers

$35 will purchase a chair

$25 will purchase a coffee table

$10 will purchase a side table

$5 will purchase coffee for the volunteers! 

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