Statement from Diocese of Dallas
April 28, 2020

Upon receiving word of the allegations from the Archbishop of Villavicencio in mid-March, the Diocese of Dallas, out of an abundance of caution and in accordance with its Safe Environment Policy, immediately removed Father Oscar Mora from active ministry. 

Father Mora is a native of Columbia and began working in the Diocese of Dallas in 2016.  He came to Dallas with a letter of suitability and a criminal background check from his home diocese in Columbia that stated he had no allegations of wrongdoing. 

There have been no allegations of wrongdoing against Father Mora in his four years of service in the Diocese of Dallas at Divine Mercy of Our Lord Catholic Church in Mesquite and the Cathedral Guadalupe.  The Dallas Diocese has not been informed of any civil or criminal charges filed against Father Mora. 

Bishop Burns encourages all victims of sexual abuse to report allegations to law enforcement. We continue to pray for all victims of abuse and continue to work diligently in creating a safe environment.

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