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Policies FAQ's

Key Policies that relate to Scouting Organizations:

This is a list of Diocesan Policies that relate to the activities of various the scouting troops/groups meeting at diocesan entities. This list is not exhaustive, and is for the convenient reference for business managers and troop leaders. 

  • Non-Parish Based Organization (NPBO) Policy - Explains how troops chartered with a parish are parish-based organizations (PBO's), and other outside Catholic organizations and the Girl Scout of America are to be Non-Parish Based Organizations (NPBO's).  
  • Accounting Standards Handbook - Further defines NPBO's/PBO's, and offers accounting standards for chartered PBO scouting troops (Pgs. 30-31).
  • Contract Review Policy - Business managers are to submit scouting charters, PBO contracts, and NPBO facility use agreements for review accordingly. 
  • Bus Transportation Policy - PBO troops follow this policy when chartering buses.
  • Safe Environment Program - PBO troops follow this Safe Environment Policy as well as their national organizations policy. (NPBO's - see the NPBO policy.)
  • Vehicle Safety Policy - PBO troops follow this policy when using entity (owned and rented) and personal private vehicles.
  • Use of Entity Facilities Policy - Entities are to follow this policy for NPBO scouting organizations, such as Girls Scouts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I know if a scouting organization is a PBO or NPBO?

A: Please read the NPBO policy for full details.  However, for a quick reference, below is a list of past scouting organizations within the Diocese of Dallas with their classification as PBO or NPBO. (When following the policy.)  This listing does not imply endorsement or knowledge of the organizations activities or indicate current compliance with the NPBO policy. (Click here for a current listing of the NPBO Compliant and Not-Compliant Organizations).

  • Established with a legal charter between the troop and the parish, making them a PBO: Boy Scouts of America  & American Heritage Girls 
  • Established when a ministry of the parish uses a specific published resource, therefore is a PBO: Little Flowers
  • Subject to the NPBO Policy and is to register annually: Jr. Catholic Daughters of America (falls under Catholic Daughters of America)
  • Because they are not Catholic organization (which is a qualifier of an NPBO), this organization will not be listed on the NPBO Compliance Listing.  However, parishes and schools are to subject this organization to the NPBO rules:  Girl Scouts of America

If a scouting organizations is not listed above and is seeking to meet at a diocesan entity, please review the NPBO policy or contact the Office of Youth, Young Adult, and Campus Ministry for NPBO/PBO clarification assistance. (Last Updated 3-6-19)

Q: If a parish Boy Scout Troop has it's own child protection program, do we need to also complete the Diocese of Dallas's Safe Environment Program?

A: Boy Scouts of America and American Heritage Girls troops use charters which establishes them as a Parish Based Organization.  Therefore, because these are parish ministries that work with minors, adult leaders would need to comply with the diocesan Safe Environment program as well as any program their national organization requires.  However, after the initial Family of Faith training is complete, the scouting national organization child protection training could be accepted as the annual training required by the diocesan program.  Talk with your parish Safe Environment director for details on submitting alternates for annual training.  

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