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Purchasing Department


To: All Staff

Please use the following sources as a vendor list.


1. Agiloft (this is the contract management software that each business manager has access to) In this tool there is a search button.  Search for a common word like paint or computers, or bulletin, etc.  There is also a “People” tab.  Once in that tab, drill down to External Users.  These are the vendors that have been loaded into the tool.  To learn more, google “how to use Agiloft” or watch help videos on YouTube.

2. Maria Carrillo has recommendations on construction and renovation.

3. Cynthia Herndon, has recommendations on technology, products, and supplies.

4. John Smith, has recommendations on everything else.

Worship Office


To: All Pastors, Principals, Clergy, Business Managers, All Staff Members of Pastoral Center, Parishes, Schools and Entities

Silver and Golden Anniversary Masses


This year, the Diocese of Dallas is hosting a Silver Anniversary Mass and a Gold Anniversary Mass—two separate Masses to celebrate those married 25 years, and those who are married 50 years and 50+ years.

The Diocesan Gold Anniversary Mass celebrating 50 and 50+ Years of Marriage will be held on Saturday, August 25, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. at the Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe. This celebration is for couples celebrating their 50th (married in 1968) or 50+ years of marriage (married in 1967 or before) in 2018. Registration is required; link to register is Registration deadline is Sunday, August 19, 2018. 

The Diocesan Silver Mass celebrating 25 years of marriage will be held on Saturday, August 11, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. at the Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe. This celebration is for couples celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2018 (married in 1993). Registration is required, link to register is Registration deadline is Sunday, August 5, 2018. 

Attached are bulletin announcements and flyers in English and Spanish for publication in parish bulletins. For additional information, you may contact Carmen Torres at 214-379-2872 or

Ministries Office


To: All Pastors, Priests, and Staff, Parish Business Managers, Pastoral Administrators, Parish Secretaries, Communications Representatives, Bulletin Editors, Webmasters

Second Collections Schedule for 2019


Many parishes have requested the dates for the 2019 second collections. 

They can be found on our website here:

Scroll down to the bottom, and you'll find the button that says "2019 Collections (PDF)" or you can click here:

Holy Trinity Seminary


To: All Pastors, Priests, and Staff, Ministry Leaders, Communications Representatives, Bulletin Editors, Youth Ministers, Young Adult Ministry Directors

Welcome Baskets for Holy Trinity Seminarians


The Trinitarian Auxiliary is a group that supports seminarians and the mission of Holy Trinity Seminary through prayer and service.

The annual Seminarian Welcome Basket Project benefits all of the seminarians currently discerning their vocations at Holy Trinity Seminary.  New this year, we will be accepting donations of checks and gift cards that will be used to purchase items to fill these Welcome Baskets, such as school supplies, note cards, and postage stamps.  These welcome baskets convey to the seminarians that they have the prayers and support of our parishes throughout the Diocese of Dallas.

We need the assistance of every parish in the Diocese to support this program:

We would like to ask that you place this flyer in your weekly bulletin encouraging donations including the ability to donate online. 

We would appreciate promoting this program in your weekend pulpit announcements.


Office of the Chancellor


To: All Staff

Appointments of the newly ordained Priests for the Diocese of Dallas


Effective July 2, 2018

Reverend Wade Bass appointed Parochial Vicar at St. Monica Catholic Church, Dallas.

Reverend James Dorman appointed Parochial Vicar at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, Dallas.

Reverend Stephen Ingram appointed Parochial Vicar at Prince of Peace Catholic Church, Plano.

Reverend Michal Markiewicz appointed Parochial Vicar at St. Rita Catholic Church, Dallas.

Reverend Giuseppe Spoto appointed Parochial Vicar at Mary Immaculate Catholic Church, Farmers Branch.

Safe Environment


To: All Parishes, Schools & Entities Staff

Non-Parish Based Organizations


Non-Parish Based Organizations Monthly Update 

The diocese has a registration process in place for all non-parish based organizations.  There are certain criteria each organization must fulfill in order to stay in compliance.  Parish leadership and NPBO leadership are reminded that all clergy and lay presenters invited in from outside the Diocese of Dallas must comply with the ‘Visiting Speaker Policy’ posted on the diocesan web page.  

Click here for a monthly updated list of non-parish based organizations in compliance and non-compliant.  For additional information, contact Rita Gracia in the Diocesan Office of Safe Environment at 214-379-2853 or 

Information Technology


To: All Staff

Email Scam Alert


Unfortunately, we live in an age when personal data can be misused by scam artists. In fact, several parishes in the Diocese of Dallas have been victims of a fraudulent scheme targeted at parish staff by spoofing pastors’ email addresses. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas, clergy, and entities such as parishes and schools will never solicit personal or business information by any method unless initiated by you. Should you receive an unsolicited request for such information, exercise extreme caution. Contact the person or entity by using official contact information only. Do not use contact information provided in the potential fraudulent request.

Bishop’s Delegate for Ecumenism and Legislative Advocacy


To: All Pastors, Principals, Clergy, Business Managers, All Staff Members of Pastoral Center, Parishes, Schools and Entities, Communications Representatives, Parish Catechetical Leaders, Family Life Ministers, Youth Ministers

2018 World Refugee Day is on June 20th


This is an opportunity in our parishes to "Be Golden" 

World Refugee Day is a global observance and not a public holiday.

According to the 1951 Refugee Convention, a refugee is one who “owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality, and is unable to, or owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country.” The Catholic Church has for decades taken seriously the plight of these vulnerable refugees and through advocacy, education efforts, and service provision sought to provide increased protections for them.

These efforts take place on the international level through the hard work of Catholic organizations like Catholic Relief Services and Jesuit Relief Service, who provide support in camps and communities across the world to refugees. It takes place domestically, here in the United States, through Catholic Charities and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Both organizations advocate for further protections and provide support for newly arriving refugees.

Please download and use the World Refugee Day 2018 Toolkit from the USCCB for use in your parishes and local community!



To: All Pastors, Priests, and Staff, Bulletin Editors, Lay Ministers

Important message for Ministers who prepare Children for the Sacraments - Spanish


Le pedimos que tome en cuenta que cuando una persona se acerca a pedir los sacramentos para un menor de edad, dicha persona debe tener la autoridad legal para hacerlo. Si su nombre no aparece en el acta de nacimiento, o en el caso de un menor que ya ha sido bautizado, en el certificado de bautismo, le pedimos que le solicite la documentación donde se muestra que dicha persona tiene el derecho legal para disponer de las necesidades espirituales de este menor.

Asimismo, tome en cuenta que, en el caso de menor de padres divorciados, es imperativo revisar el documento de divorcio para determinar a cuál de los padres le ha sido otorgado el derecho de realizar la determinación acerca de la educación religiosa y el desarrollo espiritual del niño.

Si tiene alguna pregunta en referencia a si la persona que se acerca a pedir los sacramentos para un menor de edad tiene el derecho (canónico y civil) para hacerlo, le pedimos que se ponga en contacto con Margaret Gillett al (214) 379-2840 o

Bishop’s Delegate for Ecumenism and Legislative Advocacy


To: All Pastors, Principals, Clergy, Business Managers, All Staff Members of Pastoral Center, Parishes, Schools and Entities

2018 Anti-poverty Coalition of Greater Dallas - Dallas Fights Poverty: The Impact of the City of Dallas’ Housing Policy


You are invited to attend this event on Wednesday, June 13, 2018, 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM at Temple Emanu-El, Tobian Auditorium, 8500 Hillcrest Avenue in Dallas.

After much debate, the City of Dallas passed its first comprehensive housing policy – which is a great first step in the fight for more affordable housing. Join the Anti-Poverty Coalition of Greater Dallas as we learn more about the City of Dallas' comprehensive housing policy and the policy recommendations presented to the Dallas City Council by Opportunity Dallas, a multi-sector coalition encouraging Dallas to tackle concentrated poverty and segregation through a comprehensive approach to mixed-income housing. Please register by using this link!

Family Life Ministry


To: All Staff

World Meeting of Families August 2018


Please see a letter from Bishop Edward J. Burns inviting priests and parishioners to participate in the upcoming World Meeting of Families 2018 that will be held in Dublin, Ireland.  The Family Life Office will be overseeing this event along with Canterbury Pilgrimages & Tours.  Please consider using this form for registration information and promotional purposes. 


Catechetical Services


To: All Pastors, Principals, Clergy, Business Managers, All Staff Members of Pastoral Center, Parishes, Schools and Entities

Adult Faith Formation Innovation Lab


Is it possible to provide quality faith formation for every adult in your parish?

We think it is possible for parish faith communities but it will require some vulnerability to be open to creativity, innovation and change. The Adult Faith Formation Innovation Lab is an initiative to guide parish leadership teams in developing a plan that can engage every adult around their interests, concerns, questions, and spiritual and faith journeys; in designing new programming for young adults, midlife adults, mature adults, and/or older adults; and in utilizing digital media and methods to facilitate faith growth.

Please click on the following attachment for more information: Flyer AFF Innovation lab

Youth, Young Adult, and Campus Ministries


To: All Staff, Youth Ministers

The Summer 635 Series


The 635 Dallas will present its first-ever summer series, “Homemade”, on June 26th and July 24th at the Granada Theater. The 635 is a place for young adults ages 18-35 to explore the Catholic faith more deeply through worship, a message, and the opportunity to connect with people from different parish communities. The evening kicks off at 6:35 pm with Happy Hour at Sundown on the Granada rooftop. Doors to the Granada Theater open at 7:05 pm. Visit or find us on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter for more information!

Please consider using this flyer for promotional purposes. 


Human Resources


To: All Parish Staff, All School Staff

Job Postings in the Diocese of Dallas


All current job postings in the Diocese of Dallas can be found at  



To: All Clergy, RCIA Directors, Lay Ministers

Tribunal Educational Opportunities


Please click here for current Tribunal Educational Opportunities.


This weekly communication includes information from the departments of the Diocese of Dallas and associated institutions. This information is for use by the pastor and/or parish staff. Appropriate items may be reproduced for use in bulletins and on bulletin boards.

This advisory should not be forwarded to other email recipients outside of the parish clerical and lay staff.

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