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Catholic Diocese of Dallas
Diocese of Dallas
Email for Parish Catechetical Leaders
Department of Catechetical Services, Diocese of Dallas
October 6, 2016
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Thank you to everyone who attended the PCL Deanery Meetings (formerly known as Cluster Meetings) last month!  A special thank you to our host parishes - St. Pius X, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Gabriel, Mary Immaculate, Santa Clara and St. Elizabeth of Hungary, and to Anne Campell from RCL Benziger. 
Meeting information for those who did not attend is available in the links below. Additionally, there is information for everyone from Barbara Landregan regarding Safe Environment.
 Youth Code of Conduct
Teen Training Booklet
Teen Training Form
Three Options to Bloom
Famiy Catechesis Resource List
Resources for Children with Disabilities
Dallas Ministry Conference- THANK YOU!
Thank you to everyone who attended the DMC this past weekend!  It was great to see you there and grow in our faith together. 

Save the Date - DMC 2017 - October 19-21!!
Certificate in Pastoral Ministry
This certificate program is a collaborative effort between the Diocese of Dallas and the University of Dallas Ann & Joe O. Neuhoff School of Ministry.  It is designed to be the primary formation program for all ministry leaders, who will share a common core of courses and then specialize in a ministry area.  Please share information about the certificate program with ministry leaders.  The next session begins on November 6th.  Please register by October 23rd.  
CPM Home
See How it Relates to the CCF Program
The Mission of the Department of Catechetical Services is to direct catechetical activity in the Diocese by providing parish leaders with guidance, support and resources that enable them to carry out their catechetical mission of forming Disciples of Christ.
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