Catholic Diocese of Dallas

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Tech fee required for online class registration

You will not be able to register for online classes without first paying for the technology fee. When you pay for your technology fee, you will receive login information which you will need to sign up for classes.

If you have previously paid for your technology fee and you did not receive a login, please email Sr. Beatriz Martinez at, and a login will be sent to you.

Item Description Price Select
Tech Fee

Mandatory Technology Fee for Online Courses. One-time, non-refundable fee to access the online system for one year.  You will receive a personal activation code to create your account.

Cuota de Tecnología para Cursos en Línea.  Esta cuota que se paga una vez y te da acceso al sistema en línea por un año.  Recibirás un código personal para que puedas acceder al material en línea.