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News April 7, 2015

Our Students, Our Future: A Roadmap for Excellence - Catholic High Schools Report

Our Catholic high schools are one of the Church’s irreplaceable instruments of evangelization. They offer one of the most effective—and sometimes the final—opportunity for our young men and women to experience the integral formation of the human person.

In January 2011, the Most Reverend Kevin J. Farrell, Bishop of Dallas, convened a Committee on Catholic Schools, charging it to “surface and consider issues and challenges” facing Catholic schools in the Diocese of Dallas today, to offer recommendations to “ensure the continued growth and sustainability of Catholic schools,” and to “develop a comprehensive strategic plan on Catholic schools that will provide a blueprint for Catholic school education in the Diocese for many decades to come.”

In response to this charge, the Committee’s research and study included elementary and high school Catholic education in the Diocese of Dallas, with the aim of producing a report on Diocesan elementary school education and a report on Diocesan high school education. In September 2013, the Diocese of Dallas published the results of the elementary school education report in Reach for the Future: A Blueprint for Excellence. is high school report, Our Students, Our Future: A Roadmap for Excellence should be read in conjunction with Reach for the Future.

The Committee now presents this report on Diocesan high schools. Diocesan high schools are schools under the direct control of the Diocese through approval of the Bishop, with authority delegated through the Catholic Schools Office to the boards of directors of each school. This is not a report “on” each of the three current Diocesan high schools (Bishop Dunne, Bishop Lynch, and John Paul II). Rather, the Committee viewed the three Diocesan high schools (and any future ones) through the lens of Dallas Diocesan high school education as a whole. Through this lens, a key theme that emerged is the crucial role of Diocesan high schools in this effort identified by Bishop Farrell in his initial letter to the Committee: “to strive toward the goal of making our Catholic elementary and secondary schools available, accessible, and affordable to all Catholic families and their children.”

Download report (PDF):

Click on the link below to download Our Students Our Future: A Roadmap for Excellence (PDF Format).


Catholic Elementary Schools Summary Report

Reach for the Future:  A Blueprint for Excellence represents a summary report of the Committee's full report submitted to Bishop Farrell in November 2012 and is a companion report to Our Students, Our Future (High School Report).

Download report (PDF):

Click on the links below to download the Catholic Elementary Schools Summary Report as well as the Strategic Planning Committee's Report on Catholic Elementary Schools.