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News December 15, 2014

Come Home for Christmas

Have you drifted away from the Catholic Church? Stopped going to Mass or attend infrequently? Come Home to the Catholic Church this Christmas!

Have you been asking questions like these?

  • What’s missing in my spiritual life?
  • Am I missing something by not going to Mass and practicing my Catholic Faith?
  • I’ve been away from the Church for so long I wonder whether it’s too late to return?
  • So much has changed since I went to Church. How will I ever get caught up?
  • I’m not sure I agree with everything the Church teaches.
  • I’ve made so many mistakes. Will the Church really welcome me back?
  • I was hurt by someone in the Church. How would returning to the Church help me?


If you’ve been wondering about these, or similar questions, you may be hearing God calling you back to the active practice of your Catholic faith.

We can help you come back to the Church.

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