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News May 29, 2014

Catholic Communication Campaign - May 31-June 1

Please take time to read this message from Bishop Kevin J. Farrell about the importance of the Catholic Communication Campaign in telling the world about our experience of faith, worship, and witness.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Catholic Communication Campaign (CCC) supports projects throughout the world that evangelize through the use of media. With the growth of new media, more people have greater opportunities to connect in the digital environment. The CCC funds grants that support local and international communications projects that strengthen Catholic faith, worship, and witness.

For example, in Africa, the collection funded the Kenya Election Assistance Project, an initiative of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops, which used text messaging and other new tools that were successful in discouraging violence during the 2013 elections. The initiative involved messaging through radio, television, and online media, to encourage the Kenyan people to address their differences peacefully.

It is very important to note that half of the proceeds from this collection stay here in the Diocese of Dallas to support our local communication efforts. This includes the Bishop Kevin Farrell Blog and Twitter account as well as the diocesan website, Twitter and Facebook accounts.  The collection not only helps fund social media efforts but also the efforts of our experienced communication professionals who spread the good news about what is going on in our parishes and schools to the community-at-large through commercial broadcast and print media. The CCC also makes it possible for the diocese to offer training at no cost to parish staff, clergy and volunteers to expand their online evangelization efforts.

Indeed, we hear from people throughout the Diocese of Dallas who say they are grateful for the evangelizing and catechizing information we post online daily. These followers go on to share their faith with family and friends—both Catholic and non-Catholic—through our social media sites.

The bottom line is that our communication efforts benefit greatly from the CCC, which allows us to tell the world about our experience of faith, worship, and witness. I hope you will support this important work by donating in the upcoming CCC Collection, which will be held during Masses on May 31- June 1 in our diocese. Thank you very much for your support.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Kevin J. Farrell
Bishop, Diocese of Dallas