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News 10.17.2014

Catholic Diocese of Dallas responds to the effect of the Ebola virus cases in Dallas

Bishop Kevin J.  Farrell has encouraged all pastors of the Diocese of Dallas to have special prayers this weekend for those affected by the Ebola virus.  He also asked his brother priests to do what they can to ease the fear and anxiety present in the community.  Bishop Farrell also asked his priests to remind parishioners that we, as Catholics, should always have compassionate hearts in accepting back into our communities those who indirectly or directly have been linked to Ebola.  That includes those who have survived the virus  or, after the required incubation period, suffered no symptoms.

Parish staff also received the "Statement on the Liturgy & the Ebola Virus" from the Diocese of Dallas Office of Worship that went out Thursday in a weekly email blast to parishes and schools.  The Diocese of Dallas Catholic Schools Office also sent a letter to parents and personnel.

Bishop Kevin Farrell has posted several blogs that can be found at, as well as tweets that can be found at

Bishop Farrell’s great desire is to help the people of the Diocese of Dallas remain calm, reasonable, compassionate and prayerful during this trying time for Dallas and our country.