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Coronavirus 6.5.2020

Phase Two Update to Mass Availability

As the Diocese of Dallas continues in its ongoing process of opening for public Masses during the current pandemic, Bishop Burns has decided it is appropriate and necessary to increase the availability of weekday and Saturday morning Masses so that the faithful might be more fully served.

Effective immediately, the number of Masses celebrated on weekdays is to be determined by pastors and is no longer limited to one Mass per day. Additionally, pastors may, at their discretion, begin celebrating Saturday morning Masses. The number of Saturday morning Masses is likewise to be determined by the pastor, but these Saturday morning masses are not vigil Masses, and they must take place before 4:00 pm on Saturdays. Additionally, All Masses, liturgical celebrations and other events may take place at 50% of building capacity with all other gathering and seating requirements maintained.

Bishop Burns continues to consult with his Presbyteral Council, which is the advisory group of priests from throughout the Diocese, and to monitor information from state and local authorities to determine the date to begin Sunday Masses as  part of Phase Three. Bishop Burns asks all to continue to pray for the Diocese and for peace, healing and hope in our country.