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Coronavirus 3.3.2020

Coronavirus and Flu precautions

Updated March 12th to include precaution on Holy Water.

In light of the continued rise in the number of flu cases and concerns about the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Diocese of Dallas is taking the following precautions.

  • Please stay home if you are sick or are experiencing symptoms.  If you are ill, you are not bound by the obligation to attend Mass, including on Sunday. Out of charity to others, sick individuals should not attend Mass or other liturgical events.
  • Distribution of the Precious Blood from the chalice is suspended until further notice.
  • The Sign of Peace is temporarily suspended. After the Our Father and Prayer of Peace, the Lamb of God will follow immediately.
  • We do not encourage the holding of hands during Mass.
  • If applicable, please strongly consider receiving Communion in your hand rather than on the tongue.
  • Standing basins of holy water, such as stoups at church doors, should also be removed or covered. This includes holy water fonts that circulate and filter water.

The Diocese continues to be in touch with state and local health authorities and will alter these directives as needed.  Please let us continue to pray for all who are sick and affected by this virus.


Coronavirus and Flu precautions (PDF)

"How to Handwash - Catholic Style" - Printable Resource (PDF)