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Diocese News March 4, 2016

The Light is ON for You! Celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation this Lent

All Parishes in the Diocese to offer the Sacrament of Reconciliation during the season of Lent on Wednesday, March 16th, and Wednesday, March 23rd.

The Church encourages us to make confession a regular part of our spiritual life, especially during the holy season of Lent, as we reflect on our baptism and repentance. Bishop Kevin J. Farrell is helping to make this experience possible by arranging for a Lenten initiative called The Light Is ON for You.

On March 16th and March 23rd, all parishes in the Catholic Diocese of Dallas will have their "lights on" for confession and quiet prayer so that Catholics can come to or return to this incredible source of God’s grace, mercy and healing.

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What if I feel nervous about going to the sacrament? How do I prepare? What do I say?

First, don’t be afraid.
Jesus said, “Heaven rejoices more for one repentant sinner than for 99 righteous persons who never needed to repent.” The priest will probably be so happy you’ve returned to confession after many years that you will make all the hours he spends in the confessional seem light.
Second, try to prepare with the help of a good examination of conscience sheet.
The priest will know that you cannot remember your sins with the precision of someone who came the previous week.
Third, get the largest sins off of your shoulders first.
Don’t be afraid to ask the priest for help; most confessors are experts in leading someone in your circumstances through an examination of the “big stuff” in the confessional.
Finally, don’t wait!
Come back to be reconciled to your loving Father, set off the celebration in heaven, and share your Father’s joy!