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Diocese News May 6, 2016

Please support the Catholic Communication
Campaign this weekend


Did you see these hashtags last year? Maybe you used them yourself!

Pope Francis’s visit to the United States last year was a historic moment in the life of the Catholic Church in the United States. The Catholic bishops of the United States wanted to make sure that everyone could join in the excitement of the visit, and they called on the Catholic Communication
Campaign (CCC) to make that possible.

CCC funds enabled live streaming of the events; empowered Catholic News Service coverage by
a team of 60+ journalists; supported an unprecedented social media effort; and facilitated coverage of the events by more than 7,000 credentialed media personnel.

CCC funding of the social media campaign enabled impressive
and unparalleled results during the six days of the pope’s visit:

  • 2,462 published posts
  • Five exclusive hashtags created with Twitter
  • Tens of millions of social media post views
  • 1.65 million video views (that’s 20,000 per hour!)


This means that the millions of people who couldn’t travel to the cities the pope visited were still able to participate in real time.

These efforts would not be possible without your support! Your contributions to the CCC Collection continue the work of communicating the Gospel around the world. In addition, 50% of CCC funds collected in our diocese remains in our diocese to support local communication efforts, including the diocese website and social media, and Bishop's blog.

The reach of the CCC is truly immeasurable, and we invite you to become a part of it. Visit to learn how your support makes a difference and shares the light of Christ with all.