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News March 30, 2015

Help Fight Attempts to Deny Parental Choice for Texas Children's Education

Bishop Farrell joins his brother Bishops throughout the state in supporting this Action Alert from the Texas Catholic Conference. Please support parental choice for the education of Texas children.

Texas Children Need Your Help

An amendment attempting to kill parental choice in Texas is being planned for the House Budget Bill, being voted on Tuesday, March 31.  Pushed by State Rep. Abel Herrero, the amendment says no money can be used to parental choice proposals that are designed to help parents chose the best educational options for their children.
The Texas Catholic Bishops strongly support HB 1043/SB 642 which would establish a Parental Choice Tax Credit Scholarship that lets Texas businesses invest in their future workforce by receiving a tax credit when they contribute to nonprofit agencies that award K-12 scholarships to students with financial and academic need.   These scholarships defray educational costs so parents can choose the best education for their children, in either public or private schools.  It's that simple—and an immense benefit for working-class families in Texas.
PLEASE, call your House Member or any you can contact and tell them to vote AGAINST any anti-school choice amendments including Amendment 148. CALL NOW! The vote will is Tuesday afternoon.  
Contact your Representative! CLICK HERE NOW!

The Texas Catholic Conference tries to be judicious in issuing alerts and does so when contact from constituents will make a difference at a critical moment in furthering the agenda of the Bishops of Texas. You may direct questions to Jeffery Patterson, Texas Catholic Conference Executive Director, at