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Prayer May 28, 2019

Prayers and Support for Recovery after Deadly Weather Events in the Midwest

Tornadoes, flooding, and other extreme weather events have led to multiple lives lost and catastrophic damage throughout the Midwest.

In many parts of the Midwestern United States, severe weather events in May 2019, including tornadoes, floods, and hail have done catastrophic damage. More than 500 reports of tornadoes have been received by the National Weather Service in the past 30 days, notes Sam Lillo, a doctoral candidate at the University of Oklahoma.  Storm reports posted online by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Storm Prediction Center showed that on Memorial Day alone, 14 suspected tornadoes touched down in Indiana, 11 in Colorado and nine in Ohio. Six were reported in Iowa, five in Nebraska, four in Illinois and three in Minnesota, with one in Idaho. 

In central Oklahoma and western Arkansas, flooding of the Arkansas River has led to record-breaking water levels along the river's path. The Arkansas River has passed the all-time highest level of 38.1 feet, reached in May 1945. A crest between 41′ and 42.5′ is expected Wednesday, as flooded areas of Oklahoma and Arkansas are forecast to receive between 3" - 5" of rain which could increase flooding risks along the already swollen river.

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Prayer In Times of Natural Disasters

Lord, please be with the rescue workers and keep them safe as they make heroic efforts in dangerous situations to rescue those in trouble.

Lord, please be with everyone waiting to be rescued, keep them safe, and bring help to them soon.

God, bless each and every person affected by this storm and surround them with Your love, protection, and angels.

Let them know there are millions of us out here praying for them and their loved ones.

We give You all the praise and glory forever, Lord, and know that even in the darkest hours, You are always with us.

- Adapted from "Prayer for the Victims of Hurricane Katrina"


Photo Credit: Flood waters covering Dora Road (64D) at Greenwood Junction in Van Buren, Arkansas,  Submitted by 5NEWS viewer Rory Sangster and shared by @5news on Twitter