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Catholic Elementary Schools in the Diocese of Dallas to be dismissed at Noon Today

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After receiving multiple calls from concerned parents in regards to the severe weather warnings issued for the Dallas area this afternoon, the superintendent of Catholic schools in the Diocese of Dallas, Sister Gloria Cain, made the decision to dismiss all K-8 Elementary schools in the Catholic Diocese of Dallas school system at Noon today.

The Catholic schools office in the Diocese of Dallas is sensitive to the concerns of both the parents and students who have seen the aftermath of the tornadoes in Moore, Oklahoma yesterday and are acting with an overabundance of caution in this decision to dismiss the schools.

For those students whose parents are unable to pick them up from school, teachers will stay on site to feed the students lunch and to focus on their safety during the storms. Students who are picked up by their parents will be given schoolwork that can be completed at home.

Media may contact Annette Gonzales Taylor for any further concerns at 214-379-2873.