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Texas Bishops Take Issue With Texas Right To Life (TRTL) "scorecard"

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Texas' Catholic Bishops have taken issue with a recent legislative "scorecard" by Texas Right to Life (TRTL) which presumes to declare which Texas legislators are "pro-life" based on a selective number of votes during the 83rd Legislative Session. The scorecard's unconventional and subjective scoring attacked a number of long-time, pro-life lawmakers because they supported a moral and compassionate approach to end-of-life care that is in accord with Catholic social teaching, but opposed by TRTL.

Click here to read the full letter from the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops.

For more information, please visit the Texas Catholic Conference website.

The Texas Catholic Conference (TCC) is the statewide association of the Roman Catholic dioceses in Texas.   The Conference was established as the fifth State Catholic Conference in 1963 during the Second Vatican Council in Rome. The Conference relates to all of the programs and institutions operated under the jurisdiction of the Church of Texas.