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GEMS Class: Theology of the Body, Catholic Charities 3/25

Saturday, March 25, 2017 10:45 AM - 2:45 PM
Location(s): Catholic Charities, 9451 LBJ Freeway, Dallas 75243, in the Large Conference Room

GEMS Class: Theology of the Body

Gabriel Education Ministry & Support  (GEMS)

Class is facilitated by a member of the Theology of the Body Evangelization Team (TOBET). Theology of the Body endeavors to teach and inspire others to encounter a personal relationship with Jesus, so as to love as God loves, by giving a unique and compelling vision of the human person. This message brings hope and healing, for each person sees from this perspective that he/she is unique and unrepeatable, made to love and be loved. TOBET invites people to renewal, bringing about a deeper sense of wonder at our being created in God’s image and likeness, stamped in our very bodies.  






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Please arrange for off-site childcare, but infants are welcome. 


10:45 AM - 2:45  PM

Contact Jeannette Goodman (214) 803-1482 or



For office use:  This is not a CCF course