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201 Roles of the Catechist (Vietnamese), Sacred Heart of Jesus (Carrollton) 2/1&8

Wednesday, February 1, 2017 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Location(s): 2121 N. Denton Dr., Carrollton, TX 752006 Room TTAP #139

201. The Roles of the Catechist invites catechists to explore four aspects of their ministry in greater depth: skills for telling the story of faith, ways to walk with learners on their faith journey as teacher companions, strategies for leading prayer, and the importance of being a witness for justice and of inviting learners to do the same.


  • Be a storyteller in religious education
  • Understand the quality of the catechist as teacher/companion
  • Understand the importance of leading prayer in the catechetical setting
  • Understand the role of the catechist as a witness for justice

This is a Level 1 course for new and existing catechists that qualifies for 5 credit hours toward the master catechist certification.


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Instructor: Sr. Janine Tran, CMR

Language: Vietnamese 

Registration: Please write  to Mr. Tran    

Please include your  complete  name, parish name, and  telephone number.

Cost $15.00 Please pay at the door. 


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