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Statement Regarding Police Presence at Diocese of Dallas Pastoral Center

Publish Date: May 15, 2019


Today the Dallas police, assisted by the FBI, executed a search warrant at the Pastoral Center at the Catholic Diocese of Dallas for files and information on five priests who were on the list made public by Bishop Edward J. Burns on January 31, 2019. The Diocese has been cooperating with the ongoing investigation of these priests even before the list was made public, has given police the personnel files for all of the priests named in the warrant, and has been involved in ongoing discussions with DPD investigators.

To date, the Diocese has not received a subpoena and the Diocese’s involvement has been voluntary.

The Diocese will continue to cooperate in all investigations of sexual abuse of a minor by clergy. We recognize that throughout our collaboration with police, there are some who are not satisfied and want to look for themselves. We know we have given them the files, and so let them look. What this does is gives us another opportunity to be cooperative and transparent.

The livestream for Bishop Burns's live comments about the day's events are available in the video below or on the Diocese Facebook page - www.facebook.com/dallascath.