Video LiveStreaming Solutions

Best Practices for Promoting Your Livestream Videos

  • Make sure to put all information about your livestreams in a prominent position on the front page of your website. Include a schedule with both times and days of the week for Sunday and Daily Masses, the language of the Masses, and a link to the full URL of the social media channel where the livestreams can be found. For example, don't just say "Go to our Facebook page"; instead, say, "Visit". 
  • Check all of the links on your front page to make sure that they point to the correct page. For example, many parishes with eCatholic websites still have the default link on the Facebook icon on their front page, which takes them to the eCatholic Facebook page. 
  • Send weekly reminders through Flocknote to your parishioners with links to the livestream channels. 
  • Add a pinned post or featured video to your Facebook or video channels with information about Mass times to encourage people to subscribe to your channel and receive notifications for when your Masses go live. 
  • Customize your Facebook or YouTube URL to make it easier to share and find.
       Facebook -
       YouTube (available after 100 subscribers & 30 days) -
  • For YouTube - Customize your channel landing page to make it more user friendly with these tips:
  • For Facebook - Check out these tips for the different ways to share videos, and the differences between them:




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