Catholic Diocese of Dallas

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PCL Spotlight: Lindee Greer

RCIA Coordinator & Pastoral Support, Holy Spirit in Duncanville

Although I have always held ongoing intellectual formation to be of great personal and professional value, my journey through the higher education process has been quite “non-traditional,” taking a backseat to family and professional obligations for many years. I was married and had an infant daughter the first time I attended college, unsure of exactly what I wanted to do because of fairly limited options in my small, west Texas town. My interests in athletics and human anatomy and physiology led me to the Physical Therapist Assistant program at Odessa College, from which I graduated  in 1992 (Associate in Applied Science). After passing my state licensure exam, I went to work at Odessa Physical Therapy, for whom I worked in various capacities for twenty-two years. I always imagined that I would return to college and complete my Bachelor’s Degree, but due to family and financial obligations, it never seemed the right time.

My journey through the RCIA process was a turning point in my personal and spiritual life. After being received into full communion with the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil in 1997, I immediately began to volunteer on the RCIA team at our parish, and sought to continue that ministry in the various parishes we attended after our move from west Texas. In 2011, I was offered the opportunity to work part-time as RCIA Coordinator at Holy Spirit parish in Duncanville, TX. I juggled that responsibility while still maintaining my “real job” full-time until 2013, when my pastor asked the question I had silently been contemplating for several years – had I ever considered full-time ministry? After much prayer and discussion with my husband and daughters, I left my job in physical therapy, increased my hours at Holy Spirit, and returned to college. After three difficult but rewarding years, in May 2016 I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry from UD. There were times during the process when I felt overwhelmed and questioned my decisions, particularly when facing the changes in our financial resources or pulling an all-nighter to complete an assignment, but my experience has left me ever more convinced that God truly provides our “daily bread” when we trust Him and follow His will. I am so thankful for the ongoing support of my husband, Darren, and our daughters; for my parish family who provided prayers and encouragement throughout my endeavor; and for my co-workers at Holy Spirit who accommodated my irregular and ever-changing schedule. Because ongoing formation and competency in ministry is so important, I plan to continue classes at the UD School of Ministry in the fall and pursue my M.T.S. 

by Lindee Greer