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If you have any questions about completing this form, contact Lorena Gonzalez at  or (214) 379-2876.

Additional information about submitting a job opportunity

  • Your request will be sent to the Human Resources Office for approval. Once the position has been approved for posting, it will be listed on the Job Opportunities page at the Diocese of Dallas website.
  • Once approved, the job listing will be posted for 6 weeks (42 days); after the 6 week posting period, the listing expires and is automatically removed from the site.
  • Once a position is posted, please note the following:
    • If an entity fills a job position before the 6 week posting period is complete, contact Lorena Gonzalez at  or (214) 379-2876, who will then remove the posting from the Job Opportunities page.
    • If an entity is unable to fill a job opportunity before the 6 week posting period ends, contact Lorena Gonzalez at  or (214) 379-2876 to extend the posting period for an additional 6 weeks. 
    • If a job opportunity expires and is no longer listed on the site, the entity will have to resubmit the job opportunity for approval.


Job Opportunity Form

Parish or School (i.e. St. Ann Parish)
Pastoral Center Department/office (i.e. Office of Worship)
Non Parish-Based Organization (i.e. Catholic Pro-Life Community)
Non-Diocesan Organization (i.e. Calvary Hill Cemetery)

Example: 123 Main Street

When writing job description: Focus on the work environment and what the employee would be doing in this postion. List information such as:

  • Description of parish, school or office
  • Specific duties required of position
  • Physical environment
  • Travel required (driving between schools or parishes, flying out of town, etc.)
  • Weekend or Overtime requirements, such as "Employee will be required to work 3 hours on the third Saturday of every month to assist the pastor with the Youth Ministry activity."

When writing job requirements: Focus on what the experience and expectations are for a person applying for the job. List things such as:

  • Skills set or specific skills required, such as ability to answer multiple incoming phone lines
  • Computer software knowledge or experience, such as MS Office, MS Outlook, Quickbooks, etc.
  • Degrees or certifications required
  • Level of experience (entry level - no experience required, 2-5+ years in similar position, C-Level, etc.)
  • Physical expectations, such as able to lift 50 lbs multiple times per day
  • Transportation requirements, such as "Location is not accessible via public transportation, so reliable transportation to and from work is required."

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