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Job Opportunity Details

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Job Details

Registered Nurse

Posted: 10/30/2017

Hiring Location: St. Joseph's Residence, Inc. - Parish
Address: 330 W. Pembroke Ave,, Dallas, TX 75208 (Map)

Job Type: Full Time
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Weekends/OT Required: Rarely
Education Required: Certification/Accreditation (see Description)
Catholic Required: Preferred
Bilingual Required: Preferred

Job Description

Job Summary The role of the RN is to ensure the health and safety of all residents. The RN will achieve this in several ways. The RN will make frequent (at a minimum of weekly) assessments of residents. The RN will communicate frequently (at a minimum of weekly) with staff. The RN will ensure that staff is trained in geriatric principles, medical procedures and policies which are current and up to date. The RN will also ensure that the facility is in compliance with current clinical regulations and standards and state regulatory standards.

Job Requirements

Job Responsibilities:
• Responsible for direct medication administration and distribution and oversight, when not present, assigned staff for the Assisted Living Department in compliance with Federal & State regulations and St. Joseph’s Residence guidelines.
• Provides general consultation regarding health-related concerns within the community.
• Collaborates with admission’s personnel in evaluating suitability for residents.
• Administers resident’s admission Service Plan including a geriatric assessment and annual Service Plan.
• Notifies physicians and/or family members of any change in resident’s health and provides proper documentation.
• Responds quickly to all emergencies.
• Maintains close communication with all departments and staff members.
• Maintains confidentiality of residents’ and prospective residents’ information.
• Understands their roll in the Safety & Disaster Plan.
• Provides educational meetings for residents and staff.
• Attends all required training, in-service, and staff meetings.
• Strives to maintain a safe working environment through the prevention of accidents, the preservation of equipment, and the achievement of safe working practices.
• Maintains a positive and professional demeanor toward residents, visitors, families, and co-workers.
• Adheres to all policies and procedures of St. Joseph’s Residence, Inc. and the Dallas Catholic Diocese.
• Performs other duties as assigned.

Qualifications/Skills/Educational Requirements:

Job Qualifications
• Current Texas License as an RN
• Experience working the long-term care or assisted living setting favored.
• Work effectively with minimal supervision, strong communication skills, and ability to lead a group of people in completing tasks.
• Knowledge of nursing assessments, resident care plans, and state assisted living regulations.
• Knowledge of geriatric principles and skills necessary in the care for older persons especially those with dementia.
• Ability to communicate well with residents and families explaining medical needs/changes related to resident’s care, as well as advocate for the proper services to be provided.
• Must be able to relate professionally with residents, staff and family members, display a positive work attitude and be able to work as a team with other staff members.
• A valued Team Player that takes pride in providing assistance with every aspect of the community.
• Meet the physical job demands of the position
• Must have a Registered Nurse’s License current, with no judgments against it, for the State of Texas
• Must be CPR certified
• In charge of resident assessments
• Reports Vulnerable Adult issues to their direct supervisor as necessary. Ensures assisted living director is aware and assists with any necessary investigation and reporting.
• Visits with residents routinely regarding cares, activities, menus, plan of care etc.
• Responsible for admission and discharge assessments.
• Ensures any grievance is documented and reported to either the Assisted Living Manager or Regional Representative.
• Supervisory responsibilities including residential care and housekeeping team.
• Ascertain that narcotic counts are completed shift to shift.
• Check Med rooms for fridge temps, dated medications.
• Ascertain that med carts and treatment carts are locked when staff not present.
• Conduct a weekly med pass audit.
• Observe peri-care routinely.
• Develops a good working relationship with the facility assisted living manager, physicians, county social workers, discharge planners, vendors and other agencies.
• Responsible for insuring assisted living manager and/necessary personnel are notified of changes in resident status, including falls, medication errors, and Vulnerable Adult issues.
• Demonstrates the ability to assess and evaluate resident needs and coordinate nursing care activities so that these needs are met throughout the building.
• Completes initial assessment of potential residents to assure that their needs will be met.
• Admission checklist completed on all new admissions – flu/pneumovax/tb testing completed as indicated and vaccination form in chart.
• Make rounds to interview residents for concerns/issues and assess care delivery.
• Assures residents maintain admission criteria, reassess and recommend alternative placement if necessary.
• Assures residents have up to date care plans.
• Monitors and maintains resident charts and clinical progress notes.
• Communicates to physicians and other personnel (county caseworkers) changes in resident’s needs or conditions.
• Assures that all physicians’ orders are signed and implemented with-in 24 hours.
• Assures that medication administration procedures are followed properly and discusses any needed corrections, errors, etc., with staff.
• Reviews each resident’s medication sheet monthly and assures accuracy and appropriate signatures.
• Coordinate with contracted pharmacy on disposal of medication per procedure monthly.
• Performs supervisory visits 14 days after admission and per regulatory guidelines.
• Assures service plans are current, updated when necessary and changes are shared with management.
• Works as a team player with all members of the residents team.

Hiring Contact

Name and Title: Assistant Director
Phone: 214-948-3597
Fax: 214-984-0358

How to submit resume: Mail, Drop-off at location, Fax, Email

Additional Information

Detailed job description (PDF)