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Ministry Development Coordinator

Posted: 5/6/2022

Hiring Location: Pastoral Center - Youth, Young Adult and Campus Ministries - Pastoral Center
Address: 3725 Blackburn St., Dallas, TX 75219 (Map)

Job Type: Full Time
Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Weekends/OT Required: Occasionally
Education Required: Bachelors Degree
Catholic Required: Yes
Bilingual Required: Preferred

Job Description

General Summary of the Position

The Office of Youth, Young Adult, and Campus Ministries (OYYACM) provides an array of live content opportunities that elevate the professionalism and methodological development of ministry leaders, as well as a few that directly impact the constituents of a given parish’s ministries. The OYYACM endeavors to fulfill this mission through its implementation of the highest quality ongoing formation for ministry leaders and direct-to-parish constituent programming including the Dallas Catholic Youth Conference and The 635.

Ministry Development Coordinator (MDC) supports the mission of the OYYACM to form missionary disciples for Jesus Christ through a collaborative approach that is uniquely tailored to individual ministry leaders and their parish or school communities. The MDC, in collaboration with the Associate Directors, serves as the programmatic and logistical support extension in the successful project management for all live content and ministry gatherings, events, and initiatives. The MDC is a strategist and leader in the area of providing consultative work with parishes to assist in creating a plan for developing comprehensive, sustainable, and culturally responsive parish ministry.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of the Position

Ministry Development
• In collaboration with the Associate Director of Ministry Development, provides direction, consultation, training, and formation as needed to support strategic development of parish ministry.
• On-site collaborative work with parish and community leaders through SMD Covenant and/or SMD Lite packages
• Work to empower local parishes to minister to youth, families, and/or young adults by engaging and mobilizing parish members in the development process, reflecting the belief that people will be invested in what they help to create.
• Support the AD with training and formation, relevant to the current National/Diocesan standards, with a special emphasis on new ministry leaders and implementation of the ASCEND: Orientation and Training of New Ministry Leaders.
• Serves as the liaison for the High school campus ministry cohort and formation needs
• Provide services to parishes (campus ministry and schools) including resources, consultation, visitation and evaluation of parish youth ministry.
• Collaborate with multiple offices to ensure an intergenerational approach to parish ministry development.

Project Management
• Creatively support and seek to enhance the development of content.
• Supports the management of the SOP implementation alongside the Associate Director of Content Development.
• Maintain and update all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Timelines, and Expectations for identified programs as needed after collaborative review in partnership with the Associate Director of Content Development and Director of the OYYACM.
• Assist the Associate Director, Content Development and Director of the OYYACM in tasks that support ongoing formation, including Summit and Basecamp events, along with support in creating supplemental resources and materials for continued professional development.
• Assist in the various aspects of DCYC Conference that pertain to communication efforts, promotional goals, administrative and logistics tasks, and support of DCYC Leadership Team members.
• Presence at DCYC proper and OYYACM events as a supportive entity in bringing all elements of the offerings to fruition.
• Serve as an advocate and link for youth, volunteers, and parish leadership to the Office of Youth, Young Adult, and Campus Ministries.
• Other duties as assigned by the OYYACM Director

Job Requirements

Position Requirements

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
• Disciple of Jesus Christ who regularly seeks to enhance his or her relationship with God through the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church
• Understanding of ministry and theology
• Ability to work as a team player in a highly collaborative environment
• Strong interpersonal and pastoral skills
• Extensive experience in digital media
• Excellent writing and interpersonal communication skills
• Ability to work without direct supervision
• Open to continued professional growth and development
• Ability to maintain strict confidentiality in all matters
• Familiarity and working knowledge of Church documents
• Positive, practical attitude with balanced initiative

Education and Experience:
• Bachelor degree in Theology or related field
• Competencies in the area of Theology, Youth Ministry formation, community organization
• Preferred Bilingual, Spanish and English
• Minimum of 3 years ministry experience with youth, young adults, or campus ministry constituents

Special Requirements:
• None

Physical Requirements Specific to the Job:
• N/A

This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of the duties and responsibilities of the position. The duties and responsibilities of the position may be changed at the sole discretion of the Diocese of Dallas – Pastoral Center.

The Diocese of Dallas – Pastoral Center reserves the right to modify this job description without notice to the employee. This job description is not a contract and does not alter the employee’s at-will employment status.

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Ministry Development Coordinator Detailed Job Description

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