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Job Details

Director of Logistics

Posted: 4/28/2020

Hiring Location: Bishop Lynch High School - Catholic School
Address: 9750 Ferguson Road, Dallas, TX 75228 (Map)

Job Type: Full Time
Hours: 7:30 am - 4:00 pm
Weekends/OT Required: Occasionally
Education Required: Masters Degree (Preferred)
Catholic Required: Yes
Bilingual Required: No

Job Description

Director of Logistics
Job Description
FLSA Status: Exempt


Faithful to Catholic Tradition and to our Dominican heritage of scholarship and service, Bishop Lynch High School promotes the development of the total person by bringing together a diverse community in a rigorous college preparatory environment where students are taught to strive for excellence, seek truth, and work for justice in the world.


The Director of Logistics is responsible for providing exemplary leadership in the implementation of the goals of Catholic education as outlined in The Holy See’s Teaching on Catholic Schools (Archbishop Michael Miller):
• Inspired by a Supernatural Vision
• Founded on a Christian Anthropology
• Animated by Communion and Community
• Imbued with a Catholic Worldview
• Sustained by Gospel Witness

Qualified candidates will be driven and inspired by the mission of Catholic schools to “adopt and maintain standards for operational vitality...and define the norms and expectations for fundamental procedures to support and ensure viability and sustainability” (NSBECESS, p. 27).


Qualified candidates will be able to perform the following duties at an exemplary level:

• Promote the ideals and vocabulary of missionary discipleship in a college preparatory setting
• Work collaboratively as an executive member of a leadership team
• Communicate effectively with other professionals, parents, students, and supporters of Bishop Lynch High School
• Apply management strategies and support to others using the principle of subsidiarity
• Be flexible, adaptable, and open to new learning and growth
• Cultivate and maintain high levels of trusting relationships with others through openness, benevolence, reliability, competence, and honesty
• Proven organizational skills that provide for a high level of effectiveness of all school logistical and operational requirements
• Demonstrate research-based coaching and team management strategies

• Supervise the communication of upcoming school/transportation schedules with school families regularly through official school communications
• Maintain a school culture that reflects the core values of Bishop Lynch High School: caring, dedicated, faithful
• Oversee operations of the institution and demonstrate conduct that engenders responsibility, respect, and compassion
• Supervise the following professionals:
o Director of Facilities
o Director of Transportation
o Director of IT Department
o Campus Safety Patrol and Off Duty Police Officers
o Theater Manager
• Support food service vendor (currently Sage) by ensuring serving hours align with the school schedule and special schedules including summer camps.
• Assist with coordination of school activities to include but not limited to: Teacher Inservice, Student orientations, Graduation and other large school events held both on campus and off campus.
• Serve as the Campus Coordinator for all summer programs (summer school, summer camps, and hosted events)
• Provide regular updates to the Board of Directors through the chartered Facilities Committee, allowing the Board to fulfill its oversight responsibilities relating to the planning, operation, and maintenance of Bishop Lynch buildings, equipment, recreational areas, and all other facilities and assist the Board in coordinating with the Bishop Lynch High School Building and Endowment Trust.


• Function at a high level as a member of an executive team
• Using best practices and data driven decision making, provide a highly effective level of leadership and management for all aspects of logistics
• Collaborate with other personnel at Bishop Lynch to create the school academic calendar
• Collaborate with other school personnel to create the daily schedule and implement the appropriate bell schedule
• Implement policies regarding school operations and logistics
• Work closely with the Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs and Director of Student Formation to support students, teachers and staff in their respective areas of management
• Identify issues and factors in the school that affect all aspects of school safety and risk management and make necessary modifications while including the appropriate level of collaboration.
• Implement safety and risk management guidelines as outlined in the diocesan Risk Management Handbook that are relevant to logistics
• Manage all aspects of safe school operations due to campus closures (inclement weather or emergency situations), Safe Environment procedures, employment separations, etc.
• Serve as the system administrator to manage the facility scheduling software for the entire school
• Support and ensure compliance with school criteria/philosophy for outside rentals (contracts) to balance desire for community partnerships and showcasing our campus with finite school resources (on-site personnel and facility usage)
• Supervise and provide support to the Director of Transportation to ensure all field trips, athletic events, bus routes and outside contract busing obligations are properly staffed.
• Supervise and provide support to security personnel team leader in accordance with the daily school schedule/calendar and outside events.
• Supervise and provide support to the Lead Campus Safety Patrol to ensure all events are covered by personnel and in accordance with the daily school schedule/calendar
• Supervise and provide support to the Director of IT to ensure all technology systems, security and applications support the organization’s mission, objectives and long-term vision of all technology operations.
• Supervise and provide support to the Senior Food Service Director regarding food service operations
• Provide leadership to all aspects of budgeting for direct report divisions
• Ensure all events both internal and external are properly staffed and supported (including but not limited to the administrator on duty, security and janitorial staff)
• Keep the Principal, Principal’s team, and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) informed of issues and other relevant matters pertaining to logistics
• Work collaboratively with Administrators of other similar institutions to share best practices
• Exemplify a “can do” spirit with a positive attitude
• Participate in ongoing professional development relevant to the position
• Supervise the alcohol and drug testing processes, including canine detection, for students and employees
• Maintain and monitor a long-range plan for all areas of supervision
• Serve as the facilitator of the crisis management team and maintain all relevant crisis management documentation
• Coordinate and maintain all required documentation for mandated safety drills
• Provide leadership in demonstrating a customer-first service orientation
• Perform other duties as assigned by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Job Requirements


• A Catholic candidate in good standing with the Church is highly preferable.
• Master’s degree preferred with a minimum of 3 years’ relevant school administrative experience, including direct responsibility for personnel, budgeting, and organizational management.
• Ability to build and effectively manage teams of professionals.
• A high level of interpersonal skills and the ability to handle sensitive and confidential situations in a professional manner.
• Ability to demonstrate poise, tact and diplomacy.
• Ability to communicate effectively with all school stakeholders.
• Excellent oral and written communication skills.
• Must be able to discern among competing priorities, separating what is essential from what is non-essential.
• Working knowledge of security software and other school databases are a plus.
• Demonstrated proficiency in all relevant digital technologies.
• Demonstrated leadership and facilitative skills.
• Availability to work after school hours and special events as needed.

Qualified candidates should email resume to

Hiring Contact

Name and Title: Please submit resumes to
Phone: 21432436074225

How to submit resume: Email

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