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Job Opportunity Details

Catholic schools positions listed through this posting are non-teaching positions only. Teaching positions can be found on the Catholic Schools employment page.

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Job Details


Posted: 10/18/2018

Hiring Location: Bishop Dunne Catholic School - Catholic School
Address: 3900 Rugged Drive, Dallas, TX 75224 (Map)

Job Type: Full Time
Hours: Monday-Friday school hours
Weekends/OT Required: Occasionally
Education Required: Masters Degree (Preferred)
Catholic Required: Yes
Bilingual Required: No

Job Description

Bishop Dunne is a co-ed, Catholic college-preparatory institution located in the Oak Cliff neighborhood of Southern Dallas and provides a well-rounded education for a highly diverse student body in grades 6 through 12. Bishop Dunne currently has a $10 million annual budget. Like most schools of its type, Bishop Dunne remains largely dependent on tuition income, which funds 70% of its operation, with the remaining coming from the school’s fundraising efforts and support from the Diocese. Average tuition for 2018-2019 is $12,540, and during the 2018-2019 school year, $1.4 million was granted in financial assistance to 265 students, or 49% of the student body.

After 23 years of extraordinary service as President of Bishop Dunne Catholic School, Kate Dailey is retiring from service. During her tenure, she strengthened the character and culture of the school as both Principal and President, attracted and retained superb teachers and administrators, oversaw extensive campus improvements, and jointly maintained the founding Catholic principles with a highly diverse student population. In accordance with the tenets established by the Diocese for all its schools – Catholic identity, academic excellence and operational vitality, the new President will be charged with continuing to build the institution with respect to the value of a Catholic education, affordability, enrollment, program creation and enhancement, fundraising, fiscal discipline, and communicating the Bishop Dunne story to the broader community.

The President of Bishop Dunne Catholic School is charged with providing leadership to the school to achieve the fullest attainment of its mission. The President is a minister within the Diocese of Dallas responsible for the spiritual and academic formation of students of Bishop Dunne Catholic School. As the Chief Executive Officer of Bishop Dunne Catholic School, the President has the general charge and control of its personnel and budget, of its educational and development programs, of its business affairs, and of its facilities. S/he works most closely with the Principal, the Director of Finance, the Board, and in varying degrees, with other groups within the school and general community to provide leadership with regard to the purposes, values, and strategic goals of Bishop Dunne Catholic School.

As the Chief Administrator of the school community, the President is responsible for supervision, administration, policy compliance, legal matters, and the climate and culture of the school community. S/he bears ultimate responsibility for the operation of the school that is accomplished through specific persons as agents of the President. The President is responsible to the Board of Directors and Board Chair. The Board in cooperation with the Diocesan Schools Office and Superintendent does an annual evaluation of the President; however, the President reports to the Bishop unless otherwise designated.

Job Requirements


A “servant leader” whose example, energy level, enthusiasm, passion, and commitment can serve to inspire the entire community.

A team builder who empowers others through delegation, genuinely values the contributions of others, and cultivates not only individuals’ talents but also the strengths of a group as a whole.

A visionary who honors the exceptional history of Bishop Dunne while enthusiastically anticipating the future needs of the community.

One who listens and takes a collaborative approach to issues prior to making decisions.


At least five to seven years of senior administrative and leadership experience in a complex organization.

Ideally, understanding of the nature and workings of a Catholic preparatory school.

A track record that includes fiscal responsibility, managing administrative systems, fundraising/attracting external support, and establishing and enforcing policies.

A history of establishing, evaluating, and refining programs consistent with the mission or goals of an organization.

Skills and Knowledge

A leader who has the business and management skills necessary to develop strategic plans, to install and improve administrative infrastructures, and to manage budgets and schedules.

Adept at forging relationships and building upon them to exercise leadership among the board, administration, faculty, staff, parents, students, donors, and alumni.

Demonstrated ability in developing and empowering effective, nimble teams of complementary individuals in a culture of accountability.

Excellent communication skills that enable her or him to make a compelling case for Catholic education in general to help strengthen enrollment, support fundraising, and promote the school’s values and vision.

Understands the importance of fundraising to the growth and overall stability of the school.

Personal Traits

A practicing Catholic in good standing.

Solid understanding of a Catholic education, spirituality, and history.

A person of unquestioned integrity who honors commitments and deals with people in a straightforward fashion.

An accessible and approachable “people person” who deals with others openly, engendering a sense of trust, credibility, and stability among the members of the school’s community.

One who is vitally concerned with the academic, spiritual, and character development of young people.

A role model who embodies and reflects a strong moral character, a passion for academic excellence, and respect for others in all aspects of his or her life.

An individual with a firm sense of spirituality and faithfulness who can exercise leadership in a school dedicated to Catholic values and the Catholic Church.

A sensible, patient, and levelheaded person who brings understanding and perspective to bear on difficult issues while exhibiting grace under pressure.

Other Considerations

Master’s Degree in Education, Administration, Supervision or a related field required, or an appropriate combination of education and experience

Hiring Contact

Name and Title: Travis Hillier, Associate
Phone: (214) 736-8890

How to submit resume: Email

Additional Information

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