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Posted: 1/13/2023

Hiring Location: Holy Trinity Seminary - Other Catholic Entities and Organizations
Address: 3131 Vince Hagan Dr., Irving, TX 75062 (Map)

Job Type: Full Time
Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Weekends/OT Required: Occasionally
Education Required: Bachelors Degree
Catholic Required: Yes
Bilingual Required: No

Job Description

The Director of Operations assists the Rector in his leadership responsibilities over the business operations of the seminary and the administration of its financial and physical resources. This individual directs and manages the non-formational dimensions of the seminary’s operations, oversees the improvement and excellence of the support staffs’ performance, plays a vital role in establishing and fostering the most effective and professional culture in the workplace for the staff to thrive, and ensures that the vision of the Rector is implemented.
This individual must possess a servant-leadership mindset, a strong business and management acumen, a tireless and professional work ethic, a profound appreciation of the priestly formation, a love for the vision and values of the Catholic faith, and an openness to flexible work schedule including evenings and a few weekends.
• Operations
o Monitors day-to-day business operations
o Identifies and acts upon ways to improve work processes, enhance quality, productivity, and service levels
o Develops and maintains relationship between the seminary and Diocesan business and Human Resources leadership
• Strategic Growth and Relationship Cultivation
o Participates in expansion and development activities
o Meets regularly and collaborates with the Director of Advancement
o Works with clergy and staff to establish cohesive working relationship
o Provides leadership and strategic planning for helping the staff achieve the respective goal and objectives of their departments and of the Rector’s vision
o Provides collaborative leadership and supervision over the historical and statistical database necessary for the ongoing safe storage and reevaluation of the seminary archive.
• Quality Assurance
o Ensures Catholic identity and brand consistency
o Monitors the adherence to the policies and procedures of the organization
o Ensures seminary assets are used efficiently and effectively in meeting its developed goals
o Oversees worker’s compensation insurance claims
o Negotiates bids and contracts with suppliers and service companies in coordination with the Diocesan Purchasing Director to ensure best cost/quality scenarios
• Management
o Works closely with the Rector, faculty, and staff to optimize resources, and ensure optimum support and collaboration
o Ensures continuing staff development through individual meetings, staff meetings, workshops, training seminars and other development and training activities
o Assists the Rector in resolving problems related to staffing, employee culture, and accountability to the mission of the seminary
o Assists the Rector in attending to the hiring, onboarding, training, supervision and exit strategy for staff
o Maintains personnel files for all employees
o With the guidance and direction of the Rector and the support of the Diocesan Chief Human Resources Officer (as needed):
 Develops and maintains current job descriptions for all seminary support staff
 Plans and administers the seminary’s faculty and staff salary administration program, including but not limited to incorporating of staff performance evaluation results; recommendation of salary increase budget to the Rector with an eye on the overall goals and objectives of the seminary mission
 Develops and maintains the staff annual job performance evaluation tool
 Ensures the staff performance review form parallels defined performance metrics (goals and objectives); delivers annual performance evaluations and follow-up conversations to direct reports
 Develop and implements corrective action plans
 Ensures adherence to all Diocesan and parish staff related policies and procedures
 Maintains current organizational and interrelation charts of the faculty and staff departments
o Manages all vendors in collaboration with the responsible department heads
 Food Services: Collaborates with the Faculty and seminarian liaison in the management and evaluation of Food Services and Kitchen
 Oversees the management and evaluation of the Janitorial Services
 Booking Retreat sites and transportation
 Landscaping
 Dry cleaning
 Information Technology (IT)
 Laundry Equipment
• Finances
o Maintains accurate accounting of seminary finances in accord with the appropriate accounting principles
o Maintains accuracy of all financial records
o Ensures financial and stewardship policies and procedures are in place, implemented, and maintained
o Establishes a responsible cash flow management system
o Manages accounts payable and accounts receivable
o Issues payments for approved expenses
o Attends to all banking businesses
o Issues payroll
o Prepares quarterly financial statements
o Reports monthly reconciliations
o Prepares, administers, and reviews the annual budget process in collaboration with the finance committee of the Board of Directors
o Invoices sponsoring dioceses for the seminarians’ Residence and Formation
o Oversees employee benefits
o Oversees staff PTO
o Oversees purchasing of licenses (e.g., technology, social media, music, worship, etc.) with faculty, staff, and seminarians directly responsible
o Receives, records, and deposits (per financial protocols) all seminary revenues such as Sunday Mass collections, donations, pledges, diocesan Residence and Formation fees.
o Acts as liaison between the seminary and the diocesan Pastoral Center in financial matters
o Reviews and reports on seminary funds held by The Catholic Foundation
o Coordinates annual audit
• Other Duties
o Meets weekly with the Rector and Director of Advancement to discuss relevant matters
o Participate in the Finance Committee Meetings
o Attends relevant Diocesan Meetings
o Performs other duties associated with the general responsibilities of this position and/or as assigned by the Rector

Job Requirements

• Needs to possess a servant-leadership mindset
• Needs to be adept in problem solving
• Must have excellent customer service and basic diplomatic kills
• Outstanding organizational skills
• Able to run meetings smoothly and effectively
• Demonstrates solid working knowledge of business functions such as human resources, finance, marketing, etc.
• Possess strong business acumen and consistently professional in appearance
• Working knowledge of data analysis and performance/operations metrics
• Ability to negotiate and diplomatically reach consensus and compromise
• Excellent presentation, communication, and writing skills
• Strong finance and management skills and background
• Needs to be a self-starter who can work with minimal direction and maintain confidentiality
• Bachelor’s degree in business, finance, and/or closely related field; Graduate or Professional degree preferred
• Solid business operational experience, especially, non-for-profit preferred
• Minimum 8 years of relevant work experience
• Must successfully pass background check and be Safe Environment cleared through the Diocese of Dallas
• Knowledge and commitment to Catholic teachings and practices
• Strong commitment to the Catholic priesthood and the seminary’s mission
• Excellent computer skills including Microsoft Office Suite, internet applications, and QuickBooks Accounting Software
• Some flexibility of hours beyond regularly scheduled workdays

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