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Chief Executive Officer, Society of St. Vincent de Paul of North Texas

Posted: 3/11/2021

Hiring Location: Society of St. Vincent de Paul of North Texas - Non-Diocesan Organizations
Address: 3826 Gilbert Avenue, Dallas, TX 75219 (Map)

Job Type: Full Time
Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Weekends/OT Required: No
Education Required: Bachelors Degree
Catholic Required: Preferred
Bilingual Required: No

Job Description

Optimism for The Society’s growth in North Texas abounds. As the current CEO approaches retirement in September 2021, SVDP anticipates being poised to expand dramatically in the way it serves individuals seeking to grow in their faith and the services provided to families and individuals. Importantly, SVDP seeks to enhance the visibility of its work, establishing its unique identity among similar Catholic organizations and increasing financial and volunteer support of clients as a byproduct. Specifically, SVDP has the potential to expand the pool of prospective members to 80 percent of parishes in the Diocese of Dallas and endeavors to scale certain programs to a statewide level in collaboration with other chapters. Finally, SVDP leadership has deliberately cultivated relations with other Catholic organizations and looks forward to playing its role as an entrepreneurial innovator in the human services sector.

Boasting a $4.2 million budget and a full-time staff of 23, SVDP is seeking a motivated, dynamic leader and strategic thinker who can support its organizational growth. Success will, in large part, stem from the new CEO’s ability to develop deep and meaningful relationships with the local conferences of Vincentians who carry out SVDP’s core mission of serving those in need through home visits and general assistance, thereby serving neighbors and contributing to members’ spiritual growth. The ideal candidate will have experience in the areas of SVDP’s mission and strategic management; be an experienced persuasive leader able to develop and communicate a vision for the future, set priorities and produce measurable long-term results; have an ability to head successful fundraising efforts and maintain beneficial relationships with major donors, community leaders, foundations and donor networks; be an exceptional communicator, motivator and leader of professionals and volunteers who is visible in the community; be able to build strategic alliances with other nonprofits and community organizations; have in-depth experience in business planning, developing operating budgets, resource allocation and managing nonprofit finances; possess superior problem solving, strategic thinking and entrepreneurial skills.

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the CEO will provide leadership for the organization and oversight of the operational management and finances to continue to build the visionary future of SVDP in fulfillment of its mission. Specifically, she/he will:


o Collaborate, communicate, and implement the strategic plans and policies established by the Board of
o Oversee the operation of the organization and ensure that all operational goals are met.
o Ensure staff, partners and the Board have sufficient and up-to-date information.
o Possess a leadership style that empowers employees, encourages good performance, and rewards
o Stay abreast of current trends and anticipate future trends to ensure the organization is positioned
for growth.
o Ensure the organization has the systems, tools, and supports in place for maximum staff performance
and achievement.

Board Administration and Support

o Develop a strong relationship with the Board President and Board members.
o Work collaboratively with the Board in the development and implementation of strategic goals and
the organization’s vision for the future.
o Contribute to the development of the strategic plan.
o Provide timely and accurate data for effective Board deliberation and decision making.

Programs and Service Delivery

o Provide oversight to ensure ongoing excellence in program delivery and effectiveness.
o Oversee the design, marketing, promotion, delivery, and quality of programs and services.
o Ensure maximum program impact through defined program outcomes and metrics and ensure
efficiency through the establishment of operational benchmarks, refining programs where necessary
based on findings.
o Provide guidance, support, and connection to the 42 parish-based conferences, their leadership
teams, and the 750+ volunteer members. This includes embracing the Vincentian charism that is
integral to the mission of the organization.

Fund Development; Community and Public Relations

o Foster a culture of philanthropy among staff and Board.
o Ensure there is a development strategy that will strengthen and diversify funding sources.
o Develop strong, long-term relationships with key individual, foundation, and corporate funders,
including, but not limited to, the local Catholic community.
o Create innovative marketing and outreach strategies using technology and social networks to increase
the visibility of the organization.
o Ensure the organization and its mission, programs, products, and services are consistently presented
in a strong, positive image to the community and relevant stakeholders.
o Seek opportunities for public speaking to promote visibility.
o Establish solid working relationships and collaborative arrangements with appropriate community
o Leverage community resources and collaborations.


o Oversee financial management and ensure the organization is fiscally sound.
o Develop an annual budget for Board approval and prudently manage the organization's resources
within those budget guidelines.
o Ensure appropriate fiscal controls and procedures are in place to demonstrate transparency and
o Ensure timely and accurate reporting of financial information.
o Ensure compliance with Federal, State, and local laws.

Organizational Culture and Talent Management

o Promote an organizational culture that fosters a passion for the mission, a common organizational
vision, professionalism, innovation, change management, teamwork, open communication and
performance expectations, and accountability.
o Responsible for recruitment, retention, and release of all personnel.
o Ensure the organization attracts, retains, develops, and leverages the talent necessary to support
strategic goals.
o Assess future leadership needs, build a pipeline of leaders and ensure succession plans are in place.

Collaboration of Best Practices with the Broader Organization

o Coordinate good communications with other councils around the United States in sharing best
practices and influence the adoption inside/outside this council.
o Participate and represent the organization at national council events.

Job Requirements

The Ideal Candidate

o A servant leader who inspires others through example, energy, enthusiasm, warmth, passion, and
o A skilled external-facing executive with the gravitas and energy to raise the profile of SVDP and its
work in the greater community.
o A creative and forward-looking strategic thinker who will ensure that all The Society’s services and
programs fulfill the organization’s mission.
o A persuasive and articulate communicator.
o A dynamic visionary who sees the “big picture” and can identify future needs, develop
strategies/strategic plans, establish priorities, and proactively and innovatively address complex
o A fair and personable leader who takes an open, collaborative and respectful approach to staff and
board members, but who also has the discipline and tough-mindedness to ensure that organizational
goals are consistently met and has the confidence to make and follow through on difficult executive


o Ten years as a senior-level executive in a multimillion-dollar organization engaging in strategic
planning, program administration, fiscal management, staff development, fundraising, and physical
plant management, ideally in the nonprofit sector.
o Successful work with a board of directors, as either a professional or a volunteer, and the gravitas to
guide lay leadership to the successful completion of its objectives.
o Successful track record and enthusiasm for donor cultivation and major gift solicitation including
responsibility for making “the ask.”
o Demonstrated resourcefulness when setting priorities and the ability to execute multiple initiatives
simultaneously, including through others.
o Experience speaking publicly, meeting individually with donors or their representatives, generating
supporters, and creating alliances with key groups and individuals.
o Track record of leading organizations undergoing growth and developing and executing plans to meet
short-term and long-term goals.
o Direct experience working with human services is strongly preferred.

Skills & Knowledge

o Well-developed knowledge of strategic planning, budgeting, human resources, and marketing,
including the ability ultimately to increase donor support for the organization.
o Strong business sense and financial acumen and ability to generate reports in quantitative,
qualitative, and narrative formats and to substantiate or provide additional information as necessary.
o An understanding of the dynamics of complex nonprofit organizations and ability to think in systems
terms, thereby assuring that the organization’s day-to-day finance and operations activities support
the organization’s broader mission and its future needs.
o Ability to inspire and motivate others through one’s enthusiasm, personal standards of excellence,
and dedication to the mission.
o Superior communication skills that allow one to speak articulately and compellingly on behalf of an
organization and to cultivate and sustain strong relationships with current and prospective donors,
other stakeholders, and collaborative partners. These include board members, staff, parish-based
conference leadership, the Diocese of Dallas, and community partner agencies.
o Understanding of emerging issues/needs of the constituents served by SVDP as well as the ability to
work with staff and board members to devise resources and programs to assist SVDP’s clients in
meeting future challenges.
o A talent for hiring, mentoring, motivating, and leading staff and comfortable delegating to competent
second-line leadership while still retaining ultimate accountability.
o An ability to recognize unfilled or underfilled needs in the community through data, and the capacity
to broaden The Society’s reach to fill those needs or help constituents find services through church,
nonprofit, or corporate partners.

Personal Characteristics

o A person of faith, rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition, strongly preferred.
o A charismatic leader who is polished and articulate, displays a strong sense of self and self-
confidence, has a clear and creative vision and an optimistic outlook, and has a sense of humor.
o A person of unquestioned honesty and integrity who honors commitments and deals with people
straightforwardly and respectfully.
o One who will be passionately committed to SVDP’s mission and enjoys working with a variety of
external constituents.
o Open, engaging, accepting of people from diverse backgrounds, and willing to listen to and consider
different opinions and perspectives and approach difficult conversations with respect and
o An unpretentious and service-oriented executive who demonstrates respect and sensitivity in
interactions with others.
o Flexible and able to adapt to changing needs and establish unity in the organization with
professionalism and enthusiasm particularly when facing challenging times.

Other Considerations

o Travel is limited
o Compensation is competitive with comparable organizations and commensurate with capability,
experience, and prevailing market trends

For more information or to apply, please reach out to Travis Hillier, Search Director, at When applying, please submit a resume and letter of interest.

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Chief Executive Officer, Society of St. Vincent de Paul of North Texas Detailed Job Description

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Name and Title: Travis Hillier, Search Director
Phone: (214) 736-8890

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