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Job Details

Ministry Assistant

Posted: 6/9/2020

Hiring Location: St. Francis of Assisi, Frisco, Texas - Parish
Address: 8000 Eldorado Parkway, Frisco, TX 75033 (Map)

Job Type: Full Time
Hours: Monday - Friday 1:00 - 9:00 PM; some weekends
Weekends/OT Required: Often
Education Required: Bachelors Degree (Preferred)
Catholic Required: Yes
Bilingual Required: Preferred

Job Description

General Summary of the Position

St. Francis of Assisi Parish is looking to hire TWO creative, hard-working, solutions-orientated, and passionate individuals to serve on a brand-new Ministry team. The Ministry Assistants main objective is to serve the active ministries and parishioners/volunteers of a very vibrant, bustling, Christ-filled parish. The ideal candidate is self-motivated, innovative, and able to perform key tasks independently in a timely manner. These individuals should be self-starters that enjoy working in a team environment and are excited to join a growing Catholic community with a diverse culture and spiritual community. This role will require a firm understanding of our church’s vision and values.

The Ministry Assistant position is a new role and will require a non-traditional work schedule consisting of afternoons, evenings and weekends (some Saturday, most Sundays). If you are not willing/able to work during these time frames, please do not apply.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of the Position

• Collaborates with Campus Operations and Ministry Director (COMD) to ensure ministries are successful, making desired impact for the individuals and parish.
• Serves as a “chief officer of first impressions” for visitors and volunteers who come to St. Francis (Great Hall Foyer area) for meetings, events, general information.
• Collaborates with Campus Operations and Ministry Director and Senior Director of Operations to ensure St. Francis of Assisi is offering sufficient, quality, successful, and meaningful ministries which further the mission of the parish and serve to help create disciples of Christ for all participants.
• Collaborates with Campus Operations and Ministry Director and Senior Director of Operations to develop a process for permitting new ministries as well as developing and implementing a process for ongoing evaluation of existing ministries to ensure success.
• Looks for opportunities for ministries to collaborate with each other in areas such as, but not limited to, joint events and fundraisers and shared service projects/opportunities.
• Leads the communication and collaboration with all volunteer ministry liaisons (currently six) and maintains an excellent, positive working relationship with all ministry liaisons.
• Plans and conducts regular meetings with volunteer ministry liaisons to ensure successful communication, planning and coordination. Works with ministry liaisons to resolve all issues related to ministries, schedules, meeting spaces, safe environment, childcare and facilities.
• Collaborates with COMD, Communications Director, Senior Director of Operations, Director of Evangelization and Pastor to take a global view of parish and ministry events and meetings to ensure best use of facilities and resources.
• Actively works to ensure proper number of events, including fundraising actives, communications needs (bulletin announcements, Mass announcements, electronic announcements) are spread strategically and wisely throughout the year.
• Collaborates with Communications team, especially Communication Assistant to help translate messaging for Spanish ministries as needed.
• Responsible for operating in a customer-service role to help volunteers find meeting and event rooms, answer basic questions regarding parish, campus, technology. Assist with smaller room set up needs especially for parishioners of greatest need.
• Develop and cultivate relationships with volunteers to maintain a level of care and appreciation for each volunteer serving at St. Francis of Assisi.
• Takes initiative to keep abreast of all parish events and activities in order to inform volunteers and visitors accurately.
• Responsible for collaborating and overseeing Stewardship Committee and events such as Welcome Receptions, Volunteer Appreciation event/picnic, ministry fair, weekly hospitality (e.g. Donut Sunday).
• Ensure that meetings end promptly in order for schedule to be maintained.
• Responsible for ensuring meeting space is being used as scheduled and reporting all meeting “no-shows” that are not cancelled in the scheduling system in advance.
• Responsible for ensuring all ministries are good stewards of the meeting spaces, equipment, technology, supplies and materials.
• Responsible for ensuring all ministries leave meeting spaces clean and arranged according to the room set up protocol as indicated.
• Collaborates with facilities team to oversee the proper use of the parish kitchen by all ministries. Works with Campus Operations and Ministry Director and Senior Director of Operations to enforce any penalties needed for ministry not adhering to kitchen guidelines and best practices.
• Responsible for scheduling all events and meetings using parish software “eSpace”, and resources for ministries. Collaborate with Liturgy and Worship staff and other appropriate staff to ensure all events are accurately entered in the scheduling software.
• Ensures meeting and event schedules is always accurately displayed on the parish website and on parish video monitors and smart display boards.
• Collaborate with COMD to appropriately plan all scheduling, fundraising and communications needs of ministries
• Ensure all ministry supplies are purchased, stocked and readily available for ministry usage
• Oversee proper use of Ministry copier/printer to help with ministry needs and proper operation of equipment.
• Collaborate with facilities team including day porters for any maintenance needs.
• Collaborate with facilities team to ensure lockdown of campus is properly managed.
• Collaborate with facilities to ensure climate control of meetings rooms is comfortable for volunteers and guests.
• Collaborate with Tech and Media Specialist for all AV/IT needs for ministries, including setup and proper use of all technology in meeting rooms.
• Logistics and planning for ministry programs and events; set up and manage online registration, record keeping in spreadsheets and databases
• Database management including entering of names and data, maintaining membership rolls of ministry groups into parish database.
• Develop new procedures and processes as necessary, in collaboration with other staff, to ensure efficient and effective operations of ministries.
• Logistics and planning for ministry programs and events; set up and manage online registration, record keeping in spreadsheets and databases
• Execute other duties as deemed necessary by the pastor, Senior Director of Operations and Campus Operations and Ministry Director.

Safe Environment:

• Responsible for overseeing Safe Environment coordination of volunteers and collaborating with the COMD regarding any Safe Environment concerns and potential violations.
• Conduct Safe Environment interviews for new volunteers, run reference calls, checks & criminal background checks;
• Manage Safe Environment volunteers; conduct reference calls on a regular basis to complete reference requirement
• Communicate with volunteers and Ministry leads, as needed, to ensure all ministries/volunteers are Safe Environment compliant.
• Ensure all extra activities/events are Safe Environment Compliant
• Verify Safe Environment compliance/clearance for all volunteers attending event
• Ensures St. Francis is in compliance with Diocese of Dallas Safe Environment requirements as well as state and local laws
• Attends all necessary and relevant diocese meetings
• Collaborates with Faith Formation staff to ensure safe environment compliance such as: appropriate messaging provided to parents, adequate chaperones for events, conducts driver record checks for safe environment-cleared volunteers.
• Coordinates and oversees all injury incident reports are properly filed in a timely manner
Parish Nursery:
• Responsible for overseeing the operations of the nursery, including scheduling of nursery workers, time clock/payroll approval, scheduling of hours, etc.
• Work with COMD to coordinate necessary hiring of childcare staff
• Distribute weekly schedules to childcare staff
• Process timecards for childcare staff twice a month to ensure accurate and timely payroll
• Ensures and verifies safe environment clearance of all childcare staff and ensure adequate supervision at all times
• Collaborates with facilities team to ensure Nursery is properly cleaned on a regular basis.

Job Requirements

Position Requirements

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
• Must possess a servant-leadership mindset.
• Must maintain a positive, upbeat, self-starting, solutions-centered, can-do attitude.
• Must be adept at problem solving.
• Must understand the importance of the parishioners and the community served by St. Francis of Assisi.
• Must have excellent customer service and diplomacy skills
• Must be able to thrive with minimal supervision.
• Must possess the ability to easily interact and relate with a wide assortment of personality types.
• Must have the ability to listen carefully and take direction well.
• Ability to manage time and prioritize accordingly.
• Must have excellent organization skills.
• Must be a Catholic in good standing.
• Advanced MS Office experience, including Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel; Apple (iOS) platform experience beneficial.
• Must support the vision and strategic direction of the Pastor.
• Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work well in a team environment.

Education and Experience:
• Bilingual (English and Spanish) required.
• Associates degree in related field

Special Requirements:
• This position requires evenings and/or weekends

Additional Information

Ministry Assistant Detailed Job Description

Position Filled

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