As we begin the new liturgical year, the Catholic Diocese of Dallas is pleased to announce the Homebound Ministry Initiative.

This initiative, in connection with the televised Mass, will offer a way to connect you with your parish community for spiritual companionship, and pastoral care.

His Excellency, Bishop Burns has said, “Our hope is to continue the care to you, our faithful, who are unable to participate in Sunday Mass through this homebound ministry initiative.”

Persons who are sick or homebound are much more than their sickness or inability to participate fully in the parish. They offer gifts of faith, prayer, life experience, and more, that our parishes need.

Please pray with us that the homebound ministry initiative will provide hope and spiritual healing for many people in our diocese!

Make a Gift to the Homebound Ministry

As the Catholic Diocese of Dallas continues to accompany those who remain homebound, we invite you to make a financial gift to help us evangelize through our Homebound Ministry. 

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