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Diocese News 7.14.2017

Survey for Papal Synod Youth, Campus, & Young Adult Ministries and Vocational Discernment

In October 2018, Pope Francis will host the next Synod on the topic of Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment.  A “Synod” is a gathering of Bishops throughout the world, called by the Pope, to reflect together on contemporary issues of faith and life. The word ‘Synod’ means “to walk together” as one Catholic (universal) Church.  In January 2017, Pope Francis wrote a Letter to Young People and the Vatican released a Preparatory Document with questions for reflection, and asked that dioceses throughout the world answer those questions to provide feedback on their local experience. After being sent to Rome, this feedback will form the starting point for the Synod conversation in October 2018. 

All are invited and welcomed to fill out a survey at  Simply click on the icon that best identifies your demographic and respond to the specially curated series of questions.  All feedback, whether from the surveys or live Convocation, will shape the narrative of ministry to teens and young adults in the diocese of Dallas and help the Holy Father understand the young Church of North Texas!

For more information on the feedback going to Bishop Burns and then Pope Francis, please visit For other questions or direct assistance, please contact the Office of Youth, Young Adult, and Campus Ministries.


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