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Diocese News 11.6.2017

Statement on the Sutherland Springs Church Shooting and Church Safety

Today we continue to pray for all those impacted by the tragic mass shooting at Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church.

In light of this tragic event, Bishop Edward J. Burns has asked that parishes in the Diocese of Dallas consider appropriate safety measures, including the removal of all signs prohibiting the concealed carry of firearms on campus to eliminate any perception that any of our parishes would be an easy target for terror.

But let us be clear, the policy of prohibiting the open or concealed possession of firearms at our parishes still stands. Bishop Burns is in consultation with others as to how to address safety measures for our parishioners.

It is the goal of the Diocese of Dallas to provide a safe environment for all our parishioners and guests to worship and exercise our faith free from fear. Bishop Burns will ask parishes to consider additional safety measures for large parish gatherings.

May God the Great Comforter bring peace and healing to the wounded and loved ones of all the victims.


Image credit: Lynda Gonzales/KUT News