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News 9.2.2014

IN THE NEWS: Fr. Jim Swift begins his new role at Holy Trinity Seminary

This weekend, the Dallas Morning News did a profile on Father Jim Swift, the new rector at Holy Trinity Seminary, which touched on the phenomenal growth that the seminary has seen in the past few years:

About six years ago, the hallways and classrooms at Holy Trinity Seminary in Irving were quiet.

Only 18 students were enrolled. Rumors circulated that the seminary might close. But the Catholic Diocese of Dallas remained committed to educating priests and kept the campus open.

This semester, 29 new students moved in. They unpacked their belongings and attended Mass. Then, they bid goodbye to their families with hugs and a few tears.

The new students join about 50 others.

That makes Father Jim Swift happy. As the new rector at the seminary, his job is to care for and raise the young men.

“Seminary work is my passion,” Swift said. “I grew up in the Leave It to Beaver era and priests were heroes and role models for us.”

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