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Diocese News 9.13.2016

Bishop Kevin Farrell reacts to recent ads by “Catholics for Choice”


On Sept. 12, Catholics for Choice launched a national print advertising campaign featuring ads in 20 publications across the United States. The campaign’s full-page ads feature Catholics who support public funding for abortion.

Bishop Kevin J. Farrell reacted to the campaign in a letter published in the September 13th edition of the Dallas Morning News:

Ad doesn't represent Catholicism

Regarding the full-page ad on Page 15A of Monday's edition of The Dallas Morning News, I want your readers to know that Catholics for Choice is not a true Catholic organization. Nor does it adhere to Catholic teaching. Instead, Catholics for Choice is a lobby group based in Washington, D.C., funded by the pro-abortion lobby.

Catholic teaching states that every human being has an inherent dignity from conception to natural death. Therefore, all human life must be protected. Catholics and bona fide Catholic organizations know this. All human life is sacred.

Bishop Kevin J. Farrell, Diocese of Dallas