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Diocese News 1.5.2016

Bishop Farrell Speaks on Open Carry

New legislation that went into effect in Texas on January 1, 2016 allows those with licenses issued by the State to openly carry handguns in public places not prohibited by law.

Under the new law, churches may prohibit CHL holders from carrying open or concealed weapons on church premises with appropriate signage. In accordance with the law, the Diocese of Dallas will prohibit the possession of any weapon in any facility owned, leased and operated by the diocese or a diocesan entity, except as specifically permitted by diocesan policy.

This policy is rooted in the belief that our churches, schools and other places of worship are intended to be sanctuaries – holy sites where people come to pray and participate in the ministry of the Church.

 You may read the policy at

Let us pray that our legislators will see this as a human and not a political concern so that gun violence can be mitigated through appropriate legislation that allows us to live in a safe environment while respecting our Second Amendment rights.

Please direct any questions that may come up regarding this instruction or the position of the Diocese of Dallas to .