Catholic Diocese of Dallas

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on-line courses

From your peers...


Would you recommend a facilitated online course to other catechists?

  • Yes. It is user friendly and accommodating for busy lives. Having it facilitated provides needed and useful feedback.
  • Yes, I would. This was my first online class. I don’t consider myself computer friendly but I was able to navigate myself around.
  • Yes. Online course is great, convenient as far as facility and timing.

Echoes of Faith 3.0 is an online program of basic formation for catechists, it  includes the following courses

101 Introduction to the Learner
102 Methodology Grades
201 Roles of the Catechist
202 Getting Started as a Catechist
203 Person of the Catechist
301 Ecclesiology
302 Creed
305 Liturgy and Sacraments
306 Christian Morality
307 Prayer and Spirituality
612 Introduction to Scripture
704 Adult Faith Formation 


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