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Would you recommend a facilitated online course to other catechists?

  • Yes. It is user friendly and accommodating for busy lives. Having it facilitated provides needed and useful feedback.
  • Yes, I would. This was my first online class. I don’t consider myself computer friendly but I was able to navigate myself around.
  • Yes. Online course is great, convenient as far as facility and timing.

Echoes of Faith 3.0 is an online program of basic formation for catechists, and  includes the following courses: 
Ecos de Fe 3.0 es un programa de formación básico para catequistas que incluye los siguientes cursos: 

101 Introduction to the Learner / Introducción al Catequizando 
102 Methodology Grades / Metodologia 
201 Roles of the Catechist / Las Funciones del Catequista
202 Getting Started as a Catechist / La iniciación del Catequista
203 Person of the Catechist / La Persona del Catequista
301 Ecclesiology / Eclesiologia (No está disponible en Español) 
302 Creed / Credo
305 Liturgy and Sacraments / Liturgia y Sacramentos
306 Christian Morality / Moralidad Cristiana
307 Prayer and Spirituality / Oración y Espiritualidad
612 Introduction to Scripture / Introducción a las Escrituras
704 Adult Faith Formation (no está disponible en Español)



For more information regarding Formation and Certification, please contact :

Sr. Beatriz Martinez-Garcia, SSND
Catechetical Services
Associate Director, Continuing Catechetical Formation
(214) 379-2852