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The Ministry of Catechesis 

Within the Church's mission of evangelization, catechesis promotes and matures initial conversion, educates persons in the faith, and incorporates them into the life of the Christian Community.

National Directory for Catechesis  19 D

Programs of formation should be designed to help catechists acquire the knowledge and skills they need to hand on the faith to those entrusted to their care and assist them in living as disciples of Christ. NDC 55.A

Formation programs for catechists must include the three dimensions of Catechist Formation mentioned at  General Directory of Catechesis No. 238.


Being: refers to the spiritual and human formation of the catechist
Knowing: sufficient knowledge of the message – a biblical and theological formation 
Savoir faire: it is the ability to communicate the Gospel message


Formation programs for catechists should prepare them to accomplish the Six Task of Catechesis

1. Promote knowledge of the faith – Teach the “basics” of the faith as revealed in the signs of creation, Sacred Scripture, Catholic tradition and human experience. 

2. Liturgical Education – Teach about the form and meaning of the liturgy and the sacraments and help individuals prepare their minds and hearts to enter into these mysteries of our faith. 

3. Moral Formation – Teach the moral teachings of the Church which are the fulfillment of the Commandments. 

4. Teaching to Pray – Teach that a “climate of prayer” and participation in prayer invites individuals into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

5. Education for Community Life – Teach that the human person needs to live in society. Society is not optional, but a requirement of human nature.

 6. Missionary Initiative – Teach that all Christian service is an expression of love and is performed by Christians for the purpose of building up the Kingdom of God on earth.


YouTube Videos Correlated with the 4 Pillars of the Catechism – for Junior High/High School Faith Formation  



The object of catechesis is communion with Jesus Christ


For more information regarding Formation and Certification, please contact:

Sr. Beatriz Martinez-Garcia, SSND

Associate Director, Continuing Catechetical Formation
(214) 379-2852

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