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Certificate in Pastoral Ministry
certificado en ministerio pastoral




All students are required to take the following 12 courses (in any order):

  • Introduction to the New Testament
  • Theology of Ministry
  • Christian Anthropology: Sin and Grace 
  • Ministry in a Multicultural Church
  • Human and Faith Development
  • Ecclesiology and Vatican II
  • Morality and Social Justice         
  • Prayer and Spirituality
  • Evangelization
  • Sacraments and Sacramentality
  • Jesus & the Trinity          
  • Introduction to the Old Testament

ELECTIVE COURSES (6 courses required for certificate)

*Choice based on Catechetical focus: Children: Catechetical Methods                                                                                                                                 Adults: Adult Faith Formation


      In the Fall of 2016, the Diocese of Dallas and the University of Dallas Ann & Joe O. Neuhoff School of Ministry introduced the Certificate in Pastoral Ministry (CPM). This new certificate program is a new pathway for catechetical ministers to receive certification as catechists of children or adults, or as a parish catechetical leader.  The Continuing Catechetical Formation Program from the Department of Catechetical Services is still valid for the certification of catechists of children.  Parish catechetical leaders  who are new  or have not  yet completed the Catechetical Leadership Formation Program (CLFP) will continue their leadership formation through the Certificate of Pastoral Ministry.

     The new certificate program is offered in English and Spanish; it includes some core courses applicable to every minister and offers courses for an endorsement in a particular field of ministry.  There are three different endorsements (or specializations) in the ministry of catechetics: catechist, catechetical leader, and adult faith formation. Members of parishes belonging to the Diocese of Dallas receive a special rate of $50/ class.

Bishop Burns' endorsement letter

     More information and registration is available now at or contact  or 972-721-4118

     If you have further questions about how the Certificate of Pastoral Ministry Program relates to the Diocese of Dallas' Continuing Catechetical Formation Plan, please call or email Marie Zavala at 214-379-2878 or