Current Trends

The current trends in evangelization revolve around relationship - showing hospitality, listening to others, and inviting the Holy Spirit to lead disciples and the people they encounter to God.

See below some of the resources and organizations leading this movement of encounter, accompaniment and renewal.


(2015) Divine Renovation

Fr. James Mallon re-presents the missionary vision of Pope Francis and his recent predecessors to outline the movement from becoming a "maintenance" to "mission" parish. Fr. Mallon articulates both the challenges and the opportunities for renewal in the Church today. He emphasizes beginning with evangelization, listening to the stories of others and introducing Jesus anew. 

Also important is the commitment to organizational health and excellence. 





The Amazing Parish is a national movement that seeks to revitalize the Catholic Church in America by providing pastors and leaders with the training, resources, and support they need to create vibrant and thriving parishes. The movement consists of hundreds of parishes throughout the country. Key speakers from the Amazing Parish include Patrick Lencioni, Rev. James Mallon, Tom Corcoran, and Chris Stefanik.

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Amazing Parish

Guided Meditation on the Road to Emmaus

The story of Emmaus is always present and relevant to our walk with Christ. Click on the button below for a guided meditation on the Gospel.

Emmaus Meditation

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