Catholic Diocese of Dallas

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Easter Mass Times Submission Form

Parish Information

Parish Name*
Parish Address*
Parish Zip*


Your Parish or Holy Week Events URL

Add either your Parish website OR your Holy Week page  URL to the "Parish or Holy Week Events URL" field below. This will add a link to your parish entry that says, "For full Holy Week events schedule, please visit the [Parish Name] website."

Please type the full URL for your parish, including the http:// (i.e. NOT

Parish or Holy Week Events URL

Mass Languages

Please select ALL LANGUAGES which your parish will be offering Mass for ALL SERVICES in the field labeled "Mass Languages".

Populating this field allows people to search all Masses by language.

Mass Languages*


Triduum Events

You may list up to Four (4) events on Holy Thursday and Four (4) events on Good Friday for your parish, as well as One (1) event for Holy Saturday before Easter Vigil. Select event from Pick List and list start times of events hosted by your parish during the Triduum, including:

  • Holy Thursday - Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
  • Holy Thursday - Mass of the Lord's Supper
  • Holy Thursday - Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Holy Thursday - Stations of the Cross
  • Holy Thursday - Prayer Service
  • Holy Thursday - Morning Prayer (Lauds)
  • Holy Thursday - Evening Prayer (Vespers)
  • Holy Thursday - Tenebrae


  • Good Friday - Celebration of the Lord's Passion
  • Good Friday - Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Good Friday - Stations of the Cross
  • Good Friday - Prayer Service
  • Good Friday - Morning Prayer (Lauds)
  • Good Friday - Evening Prayer (Vespers)
  • Good Friday - Tenebrae


  • Holy Saturday - Prayer Service
  • Holy Saturday - Morning Prayer (Lauds)
  • Holy Saturday - Sacrament of Reconciliation



Holy Thursday Mass/Devotions

Holy Thursday Event 1
Holy Thursday Event 1 Time
Holy Thursday Event 1 Language(s)

Holy Thursday Event 2
Holy Thursday Event 2 Time
Holy Thursday Event 2 Language(s)

Holy Thursday Event 3
Holy Thursday Event 3 Time
Holy Thursday Event 3 Language(s)

Holy Thursday Event 4
Holy Thursday Event 4 Time
Holy Thursday Event 4 Language(s)


Good Friday Liturgy/Devotions

Good Friday Event 1
Good Friday Event 1 Time
Good Friday Event 1 Language(s)

Good Friday Event 2
Good Friday Event 2 Time
Good Friday Event 2 Language(s)

Good Friday Event 3
Good Friday Event 3 Time
Good Friday Event 3 Language(s)

Good Friday Event 4
Good Friday Event 4 Times
Good Friday Event 4 Language(s)


Holy Saturday Devotions

Holy Saturday Event 1
Holy Saturday Event 1 Time
Holy Saturday Event 1 Language(s)


Easter Vigil and Mass Times

  • Please submit date and time of each Easter Mass submitted in the format listed next to the form field. If your parish is not going to celebrate Easter Vigil, leave those fields blank.
  • Only submit the times of actual Masses and leave the rest blank. For example, if you only have four Masses, including Easter Vigil, there is no need to put any information in Mass Times 5-13.
  • If you have a bilingual or trilingual Mass (i.e. an English/Spanish Mass), click the check box next to all languages in that time slot's Mass and the languages will both be listed in this format: "(English, Spanish)".
  • If your parish has more than ten (10) Masses for Easter, please email , and additional Mass time options will be added to the form.
Easter Vigil Time
Easter Vigil Language(s)

Easter Mass #2
Easter #2 Language(s)

Easter Mass #3
Easter #3 Language(s)

Easter Mass #4
Easter #4 Language(s)

Easter Mass #5
Easter #5 Language(s)

Easter Mass #6
Easter #6 Language(s)

Easter Mass #7
Easter #7 Language(s)

Easter Mass #8
Easter #8 Language(s)

Easter Mass #9
Easter #9 Language(s)

Easter Mass #10
Easter #10 Language(s)


For Internal Use Only - Parish Staff Contact Information

  • The contact information for Parish Center staff is only for any questions about information submitted - it will not be published online.
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