Domestic Violence 


  The Church on DV  
Such a relationship does not honor the dignity of each person, which has been bestowed by God. In an authentic relationship there is a mutual act of love and sacrifice.“Jesus himself always respected the human dignity of women. Pope John Paul II reminds us that ‘Christ ’s way of acting, the Gospel of his words and deeds, is a consistent protest against whatever offends the dignity of women.’” – US Conference of Catholic Bishops
Este tipo de relación no honra la dignidad de la persona, que ha sido otorgada por Dios. En una relación auténtica hay un acto mutuo de amor y sacrificio. “Jesús mismo siempre respetó la dignidad humana de las mujeres. El Papa Juan Pablo II nos recuerda que ‘la manera de actuar como Cristo, el Evangelio de sus palabras y obras, va en contra de todo lo que ofende la dignidad de la mujer.’” – US Conference of Catholic Bishops


What the Catholic Church Teaches about Domestic Violence

The U.S. Catholic Bishops have made clear that “violence against women, inside or outside the home, is never justified. Violence in any form- physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal is sinful; often it is a crime as well.” (When I Call for Help: A Pastoral Response to Domestic Violence Against Women, 2002)

Fr. Charles Dahm, Archdiocese of Chicago, gives an excellent video summary of Catholic response in his homily, "Let's Reach Out to Victims of Domestic Violence as Jesus Would’".


Domestic Violence and Parish Social Ministry Webinar

Domestic Violence is Real: Implementing a Parish Response
Experts Laura Yeomans and Dr. Sharon O'Brien discuss domestic abuse and what we need to do to respond with hope, help, and healing to victims of domestic violence, with the goal of promoting family peace.


  Welcome to Break the Silence Against DV  

BTSADV has grown to become a national nonprofit organization led by survivor-volunteers who serve victims, survivors, and families affected by domestic violence. Our BTSADV “family” provides support in an effort to:

  • eliminate isolation and suicidal thoughts
  • reduce anxiety
  • build trust in healthy friendships
  • inspire passion
  • provide tools to manage PTSD symptoms
  • reduce depression symptoms

Click Here to apply or donate to Grants for Hope. Helping with essential items as rent, groceries, child care, and basic bills.  Helpline: 855-BTS-1777


  City of Dallas DV Task Force  

The Dallas Domestic Violence Task Force is made up of 40 plus members of various Dallas area agencies whose primary focus is the prevention and eradication of domestic violence and the support of victims. Click Here for a full list of resources that include hotlines, emergency assistance, shelters, counseling, and legal resources.

Families to Freedom is now offering free car rides for Dallas area victims to arrive to domestic violence shelters located in and around the Dallas area. Details available at or by calling 972-885-7020.
For inquiries about the Domestic Violence Task Force contact the City Council office at (214) 670-3816 or e-mail If you are in immediate danger, DIAL 9-1-1.
  Articles on Domestic Violence  
English bishops dedicate Day of Life to highlight domestic violence.
Every week in England, two women are killed by a partner or ex-partner, a “shocking statistic” the nation’s bishops are highlighting during the annual Day of Life, observed on June 16
Domestic violence affects one in four women and one in six men in their lifetime. Bishop John Sherrington said “for those who are experiencing domestic abuse, the home is far from being a place of security and self-fulfilment.”  Read Full Article 
Cosmopolitan Magazine - Stop Calling It Domestic Violence. It's Intimate Terrorism. Written by Ralph Blumenthal
Domestic violence doesn't only happen at home. It spills into the places we take for granted as safe—schools, stores, salons, or any workplace. Cosmopolitan investigates how relationship violence puts us all at risk…and how the protective orders intended to give us peace of mind sometimes aren't worth the paper they're written on. Read the Full ArticleNO MORE. Join the No More to violence campaign at
Scores indicate more severe future assaults, and current research has found that men who subsequently committed domestic murder ranked in the highest risk category. So, although the Lethality/Risk Assessment does not specifically predict the occurrence of lethal domestic violence, it can be used in cases where severe and potentially lethal assault is a concern.
There Can Be Life After Abuse. Visit Ashleigh's Patience Project for more. 

  Programs and Resouces  

The Diocese of Dallas has put together a group of organizations and programs to assist with Domestic Violence and Child Abuse.            Click Here to view or print the full list. 


Catholic Charites of Dallas answering to Domestic Violence.

Useful phone numbers for those in need during times of crisis. Resources are a phone call away.  We are here to help and your information is confidential.            1-866-CCD-7500

Números de teléfono Útiles para los que necesiten ayuda durante tiempo de crisis. Los recursos están a una llamada telefónica. Estamos aquí para ayudar y su información es confidencial. 1-866-CCD-7500

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   Domestic Violence is a Crime 
Everyone in the U.S. has rights, no one deserves to be abused and the police are here to protect everyone. There are many forms of Domestic Violence which include: 
• Physical Abuse (Hit, push, slap) 
• Verbal and Emotional Abuse (insult, yell, criticize)
• Sexual Abuse (Forcing someone to have sex)
• Threats (against you, your children, family or animals)
• Financial Control, Isolation (not allowing you to see your family and friends, controlling your phone or reading your messages/emails/mail)
• Destroying objects in your home. 

     Violencia Doméstica es un Crimen 

Todos en los Estados Unidos tienen derechos, nadie merece ser abusado y la policía está aquí proteger a todos. Violencia doméstica tiene muchas formas que incluyen: 
• Abuso Físico (Pegar, empujar, cachetear)
• Abuso Verbal y Emocional (insultar, gritar, criticar) 
• Abuso Sexual (obligar a tener relaciones sexuales)
• Amenazas (en su contra, en contra de sus hijos, familiares o animales)
• Control Financiero, Aislamiento (no le permite ver a su familia y amigos, controla el teléfono o lee su correspondencia)
• Destrucción de objetos en la casa. 

Click here to view the full list of Shelters, Outreach Services, and Survivor Support.  in the DFW area. See the directory of other resources includes national hotlines, counseling, sex trafficking, food pantries, and other general assistance. 



CHA is pleased to offer a set of Meditation Practices varying in length in both video and audio formats. These practices are specifically designed to help support your well-being, amidst the chaos of the day.


  Numbers at a Glance  

Shelter, Counseling, Legal, Referrals
  • Mosaic Family Services | 214-823-4434 | 
  • Genesis Women’s Shelter | 214-946-4357 | 
  • The Salvation Army | Family Violence Program | 214-424-7208 |
  • One Safe Place | 817-916-4323 |
  • Safehaven of Tarrant County | 1-877-701-7233 | |
  • Domestic
National Support Lifelines:
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – 800-273-8255
  • Suicide Crisis Center – 24 hours – 214-828-1000
  • Crisis Text Line – Text the word HOME to 741741
  • Crisis Text Line – Special keyword for students of color – Text the word STEVE to 741741


 Domestic Violence Outreach Committee:  

Domestic Violence Committee Members

Most Reverend Gregory Kelly - Diocese of Dallas
Deacon Leo Cortinas - Diocese of Dallas
Rita Gracia -  Diocese of Dallas
Audrey Hair, MTS - St. Gabriel Parish
Donzella Hines - Holy Spirit Parish
Barbara Landregan - Diocese of Dallas
Chief Albert Martinez - Diocese of Dallas
Lari Newman-Williams, M.J., M.P.M., C.C.M - Holy Cross Parish
Lynn Rossol - Diocese of Dallas
Alicia Saucedo - Diocese of Dallas
Deacon Charlie Stump - Diocese of Dallas
Annette Taylor - Diocese of Dallas
Nubia Torres - Catholic Charities Dallas
Becky Visosky - Pro-Life/Respect Life Ministry
Melissa Waldon, M.S. - Diocese of Dallas



Alicia Saucedo
Family Life Office

(214) 379-2881