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Apr 03     Catechetical Services      Articles (Articulos), Prayers (Oraciones)

Ways to Stay Spiritually Engaged at Home

Now that Catholics are spending unprecedented amounts of time at home, how can we continue to stay spiritually engaged and even grow during this time?

5 Ways to Stay Spiritually Engaged at Home by Ascension Press


1. Build a home altar or shrine.

Setting aside a sacred space in your home encourages your family to pray. Candles, a crucifix, a Bible, holy water, and your favorite sacred icons and images can all be placed around a small table to uplift the soul to God. How to Set Up a Home Altar

2. Participate in the Mass.
Catholics can still participate in the Holy Mass via livestream and worship as if they are actually there. 

3. Pray a daily family Rosary.
Set aside 20 to 30 minutes each day to gather around your home altar as a family and to pray the Most Holy Rosary for a swift end to the pandemic, for all those afflicted, for all healthcare workers, and for the souls of the faithful departed. Directions on How to Pray the Rosary

4. Gain a plenary indulgence every day of COVID-19.
The Church grants a plenary indulgence to all those who are suffering from the coronavirus, to healthcare workers who are treating those affected, and to all the lay faithful. How To Gain A Plenary Indulgence

5. Study God’s Word.
Start a virtual small group, continue your existing small group via video chat, or study Scripture on your own. By studying God’s Word and pondering it in our hearts, we will grow in our faith and fall in love with Scripture. Ascension Press Resources

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