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Mar 26     Family Life      Website (Sitio Web)

Virtual At-Home Marriage Retreat

This DIY retreat is an excellent opportunity to take time to reflect on how you are living out the vows of your marriage, and what are your sources of strength.

To start this week of reflection, ask yourselves individually and as a couple:

  1. Reflect on your wedding day and the vows. How have you seen these lived out in your marriage? Which have new meaning?
  2. What are sources of strength in your marriage? Where are possible opportunities for growth?
  3. In what ways has your experience of marriage and family life revealed the presence of Christ?


See the rest of the retreat at the link:


Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash


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Michael Stratman

Michael Stratman
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Michael Stratman, holds a Master in Pastoral Ministry from the School of Ministry at the University of Dallas, and has been in ministry for eleven years including family life, faith formation and youth ministry. Michael holds a certificate in Theology of the Body, and also serves as a trainer for sponsor mentor couples.