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Naming Grace in the Domestic Church

Reflections for Catholic Parents/Grandparents Sharing Faith & Inspiring Others

Naming Grace in the Domestic Church

This website provides reflections and tools for helping parents and grandparents to name grace—proclaim God’s wonderful works—in their own domestic churches.This website, Naming Grace in the Domestic Church, aids parents as "first preachers" and "primary catechists" in their mission of passing on the faith to their children in the domestic church, the "church of the home." When given the proper tools, parents who take seriously their role as leaders of their own domestic churches, will leave a legacy of faith by proclaiming God's wonderful works!

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Beth Wright

Beth Wright
Associate Director
     |     (214) 379-2850

Beth Wright is passionate about lifelong catechesis. Although she has served adults, children, families and youth in the faith for over twenty years, she continues to seek new ways to help families be the "domestic church". She holds a Master's Degree in Theological Studies from the Neuhoff School of Ministry at the University of Dallas and is an Affiliate Instructor in their Certificate of Pastoral Ministry program.